Need comptuer help. keeps freezing on startup. please

Joined Sep 19, 2004
Beford anything, any help is greatly appreciated.. And if possible with any solutions I can be contacted on aim @ yurashyts.. I'm on my phone not sure how often I can check this thread.

Problem started a few days ago, but it just crashed today. Sometimes when I would be watching a youtube vid or something my computer would just freeze up and lock.. Same thing happened before, was watching a video from one of the links posted here and everything froze on me. I hit the restart button(couldn't ctrl alt del, keyboard locked out too) hoping everything would go back to normal but it didn't.

It keeps freezing in different points of startup. Sometimes in the very beginning, sometimes at my log in screen.. Or I get to log in and it freezes. The lights on my mouse shutoff, keyboard shuts off (I tried testing number lock it wouldn't turn on) I can't do anythng. Same problems happen when I try and boot into safemode.

At 1 try I was able to get into bios so I know I should be able to format and tes that out 1st.

Any1 else know what the problem could be? Its a built comp, I don't really remember all the specs on it. Its about *lmost 2 years old.

Other solution might have to be buy a whole new hd, I'm just really hoping its not worse than that where I have to buy any other hardware
Joined Sep 19, 2004
Any1 with any ideas.. I'm going to try and restore the problem with the windows cd, if that doesn't work I'm going to format and hope that does the job. Just hoping its not hardware problems
Joined Aug 25, 2005
this is a shot in the dark, and probably not the answer but its worth investigating every possible problem.

I had a situation awhile back where my computer kept locking up like this. It turned out that it was a cooling issue. Either the fan got stuck or the heatsink wasnt properly connected or something. The problem started up out of nowhere, and progressively got worse over a period of a week. Everytime it froze up I would have to manually shut it off, reboot, and each subsequent time it would freeze up faster than before. Eventually one day it "popped" and I smelled something burning and saw a wisp of smoke coming out and realized that I had just fried out my computer.

While this is probably not the same issue you have, your symptoms sound exactly like the way my desktop was acting before it took a dump.

Good luck.
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