NEED HELP painting Jordan III midsoles!!!!

Aug 17, 2007
Hey Niketalk. I am a new member but i have been reading posts on here for several years now. I need some advice on how to paint a pair of 01 Jordan III Mochas...specifically the MIDSOLES. As you already know these midsoles yellow really bad.... any body have any suggestions. I am skeptical about angelus paint, and I also am scared to use a white paint marker for cars...what do you think I should do???
i havent customized much (3 pairs), but i got 2 things to say:

angelus is not the best but probably good enough for starting. i used it and it works great. i mean it might crack a little, but if ur really careful about think coats and that, u shud have no problems. the only thing is some of the colors are thin, so brushmarks show more..... ive experienced that with the white and the dark blue.

about ur midsole, i dont think its a good idea to paint it at all. painting soles is a bad idea because the paint doesnt get absorbed so it just sticks to the surface. when that bends (like when u walk) the paint on top of it cracks. ud need to die it, but that requires very special products.

im pretty sure what im saying is right.... anyone disagree?
I saw Nike Flight 89s in footlocker yesterday with painted midsoles. It is very obvious and I doubt anyone can disagree with me. There are visbile brush strokes on the shoes.

If nike can do it then so can we. What techniques do you thionk they use? I think they sand the midsoles, add the PRIMER, then the PAINT, then the CLEAR COAT (to give it a slightly shiny look).

I found Color Rite professional car paint markers that I am considering purchasing. They come in a set of 3 and include the primer, base, and clearcoat. I think I will first test it out on my beatup white Air Max 90s and see how the color comes out. Has anyone ever tried this before, please give input!!!!
I thought about that, however I dont think it would work. The angelus paint would just crack regardless of whether or not the midsole was sanded. I found a product called RUBBERBOND, it is a dye specifically made for rubber. They sell this stuff by the gallon for $100, so it is not very practical for a one time use. This is probably the stuff that the guy who is restoring Jordan midsoles is least i would hope so. If he is using regular paint...then those midsoles will crack within a few wears.

Has anyone here used rubberbond, or any rubber dye??
i use angelus paint for all my restorations they crack a little so do jordans fresh out the box. just paint alot of thin coats.
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painting midsoles pffft imposible guys :tongue:
^^ i was just about to say "go ask bapestars, that dude knows whats up with restorations" :lol:
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Bapestars sprays on his paint... I don't know what paint he uses though.
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