need shoe help.

Oct 2, 2005
Recent pickup:

Couldn't really get any other color ways on it, so I just went with this one. Big Alba fan though.

Any suggestions on what kicks to go with it?
There are some womens Air Max 90s in this exact colorway, let me just find it.
went on clearance at footlockers
those work too probably
fantastic 4 am90
clerk am90

Looking for Atmos Elephant Air Max 1 Size 11.5 DS

Azubuike - Barnes - Biedrins - Cabarkapa - Davis - Ellis - Foyle
Harrington - Jackson - Jasikevicius - O'Bryant - Pietrus - Powell - Richardson
Can't find any of those shoes. Ain't trying to pay past way retail on those. Maybe the Mr. Fantastics. Any other suggestions or anything.
see if there are any nike ID's in that colorway. how far off is that color for a university blue?
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