Need some advice on this fellas Vol. School/Career

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  1. W)taps

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    Jan 21, 2014
    So I started college in 2012 and sadly I wont be graduating on time.

    Im a double major in history + education. I thought i'd be graduating a year late (Spring 2017) but it seems like thats not the case. It seems like i'll be graduating Fall 2017 instead.

    Money is an issue right now and im really considering dropping the education part. Being a teacher isn't my priority, but its something I dont mind doing if I cant find a job anywhere else.

    If I do want to graduate in Spring 2017, then I have to drop the education major and just graduate with a degree in History. Any advice?

    Should I just suck it up and go through that extra semester? Like I said, $ is an issue and I cant afford to take summer or winter classes.

    I get loans but not enough to pay a full tuition. I was thinking about maybe teaching English over at Japan through the Jet Program after I graduate.

    Also, I work for the Division of IT here at UMD and im Apple Certified so I have some IT skills to make my resume look better. Any thoughts? What would yall do in my position?

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. bendover


    Aug 14, 2012
    It's just 1 extra semester bro.
    You can do it 👍
  3. datboi81


    Aug 28, 2008
    repped for going to UMD. Class of 2012 :smokin

    Anyways, I say finish what you started. What else are you really going to combine the History Degree with, unless you plan to completely change fields and go into IT. Also, try picking up another Part Time Job this holiday season to stack the extra bread for Summer School if you really want to graduate on time.
  4. alfa


    Nov 8, 2013
    Detach yourself from the situation, if your friend was telling you this, what would you tell them to do? Picture yourself in a couple years, any potential situations where you might regret staying in school? Any situations where you regret dropping the major?

    My .2:

    I don't know how much money you're talking when you say you're taking out loans, but if you can pay it back on a $30-40K teacher salary, then I would definitely advocate finishing your education major. Also, if you end up teaching, you can get those loans forgiven. If you don't teach, factor your loans into your worst case financial situation because working as a retail worker and paying off student loans is going to be a struggle.  

    As for the social optics of finishing on time, I would say that it doesn't really matter if you finish on time or not, that metric will get lost in time in a couple years. The education major will help you more than the history major, especially since you're considering teaching in some capacity in the near future. 

    Hustle for some cash and finish the extra semester for the education major, you're like 80% there and it would be foolish to quit now when you're so close to the finish line. The education major may not help you later, but it's better to have that in your pocket than not have it. During your remaining time in school, you can utilize all the resources your school has (career services, professor network, alumni network, mock interviews, recruiter interviews, informational interviews, health services, etc). 

    Options/things to look into:

    -Look for scholarships through your school and see if you can pad your account that way, there's free money out there for a few hours of essay work. 

    -Can you pick up more work through like a help desk or something through the IT department? 

    -Look into tutoring if you need some cash, then you can work on your own time for at least $20+/hour.

    Good luck, fam. One road may be harder than the other. No matter your decision, in the end, it'll all work out. [​IMG]
  5. pdino


    Jul 29, 2012
    FAFSA, go to your department and see what financial aide they have. Apply to work at your schools' library and computer rooms (flexible with schedules and you can do your work there). One more semester for another degree? Do it.
  6. suberzat1


    Aug 9, 2012
    Yep this

    You got it dude
  7. sonoftony


    Apr 4, 2005
    You're gonna regret not taking the extra semester. Do it.
  8. W)taps

    W)taps formerly worldgonemad

    Jan 21, 2014

    So I actually talked to my advisor today and if I want to get the education degree I wont be graduating until Spring 2018. [​IMG]

    Thinking about just ending it with the hist degree at 2017. I plan on working in Japan for a couple of years so HOPEFULLY I get the job.

    I really need time to clear my head. Teaching (at least in the states) is def. not my passion. If anything, I can always come back and finish what I started.

    Btw, im about 50%% complete with my education degree.


    thanks for all the advice guys. I really appreciate it. I know all of yall are telling me to just finish the degree but idk man... something is really stopping me.. I just cant see myself teaching for the rest of my life..

    idk if many people know this, but teaching is one of the most stressful jobs man. Being in the education program and learning more about the education system, it sounds like something I just cant see myself doing as a career. 

    I know teachers dont go into education for the $ or the respect, but still..... none of those 2 are there here in the states.

    There is literally no discipline in the states... students dont give a **** about teachers. parents are always just complaining. you barely make enough $$ to live. When I first started college i was so sure i wanted to be a teacher.. growing up in PG county and getting a ****** education, i really wanted to give back to the community in PG. I wanted to get educated and teach in order to give back to the kids because I know what its like growing up in a county where the education just sucks ***. I know what its like for people in other counties (moco and hoco) to tease PG as being a "black & stupid" county... but as i grow older and learn more about what it means to be a teacher.... my perspective and goals change.... if anything I guess im being selfish... I know yall just looking out for me and I understand a degree in history aint **** but im really just hoping for the best at this point. I just need time to clear my head.
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