Need some help choosing a Sub and Amp all audio fanatics, come in!!!

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Okay Im having a hard time choosing my amp and sub..
And I'm also not a audio guru to say the least, but I do know a little something.
Im on a very tight budget first and foremost.

I'm getting a 5 channel amp, to run all 4 door speakers and my sub.

My first choice was a Kicker  ZX700.5 and RMS power on the 5th channel was about 420-450RMS @ 2 Ohms

secondly was a
Crunch P5000.5 5th channel pushing 250 RMS @ 2 Ohms
the other 4 channels are basically identical for both Amps as they will be powering my JL audio 5 1/4 speakers

I had decided to go for a Solobaric L7 8 inch because it fits the range that the Kicker amp was pushing... The 8 inch solobaric pushes about 450 RMS...
I had already purchased a sealed box... about 11 X 11 inches

My friend also purchased the same sealed box that I did. and Purchased the solobaric L5 (pushing 300W RMS)  because he was using a weaker amp to power it.

We looked in the owners manual  and saw that in a sealed box the smallest sealed box would recommend 180 RMS we did NOT see these specs on the Kicker website....

So now, I went back onto the kicker website and looked for the owners manual PDF file for solobaric L7 it says

Minimum Enclosure Volume for Sealed Enclosure
.33 ft3 (9.34L) Power Handling = 200W RMS

so should I stick to the Kicker amp I was originally going to get (Pushing 450 RMS)? or should I get the Crunch amp that would put less power to the sub (250 RMS)?
Does it matter at all?
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You would be really under powering that l7 with both amps. Your best bet if you looking for a decent set up is to get a sub around the same range with a sealed box if you want clean bass. Nice place to compare subs with amps is
Joined Aug 25, 2005
If you want to used the combo of car speakers and subs its best to use two amps to power the car doors and well as the sub separately to get the best power. I was told that multi channeled amps don't last as long before so I just chose to run two and haven't had any problems so far.
Joined Aug 25, 2005
Just realized that your using an 8" L7. You should be good then. I've never used a crunch amp before but I have used a kicker amp before and they do tend to run alittle hot. Currently I'm using a hifonics amp with two alpine 12" type r's and they run great. One thing I do recommend if that's you Lexus GS is to invest in dynomat and a better licence plate holder to prevent rattling of that trunk.
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