need some help on RODMAN's

Feb 25, 2007
hey guys... anyone still selling some shoes of Dennis Rodman?... converse would be great ... but im really looking for some ndstrukt's.. 10-11 would be perfect... sorry mods i just didnt know where i can find these... thanks...
good luck finding them, been wanting them forever , you might wanna try ebay, they sometimes pop around, seen a size 11 weeks ago
it'll probably hard to find a pair in good condition...wish i had one of those..RODMAN is the BOMB hahahha

Looking For:
DS or VNDS CG3, DTRT3 9.5-10 PM me!
For Trade : DS Crispy AJV Black Metallic 10.5 US, willing to trade for DS CG3,DS DTRT3, or the same shoe DS size 9.5-10 US
i believe the ndstrukt's are making a comeback. i'll check my source..
yEah babY!!
anybody wear a size 8/8.5, hit me up
i saw the sneakers this morning, but they low tops. anybody got pictures with him wearing them?
yEah babY!!
anybody wear a size 8/8.5, hit me up
thanks yo for the inputs... just update just incase someone get a hold of any info... really having a hard time looking for these...
i've worn my pair a bit, but i found pics of a ds pair..



pardon me,
i had to
laugh at that.
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