Need some positive thoughts and prayers ya'll

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Moms going into surgery as I type. She's getting a mastectomy on her left side, she had her right side taken out way back in '93. Can't believe the freaking cancer came back after all these years. She was doing great, but it still came back. WTF. #@!^ cancer. I moved next door (literally) to my folks 9 months ago so the kids can go through the back and go to grandma n grandpa's anytime they want to and now this.... $#%$^ cancer- moms a fighter tho. I shoulda posted this in the confession thread or something I guess.....
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Sending Du’ah for you, fam.

It’s normal to feel frustrated and worried. All apart of the process. You’re doing your part by being there.
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Stay positive bro. Prayers up for mom and your family. She fought the 1st time and she will fight this again.
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Keep your head up, brother. Be an encouragement to your mom and your family.

If you need to vent, please don't hesistate to DM me.

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Prayers up for your mother, man. God bless your mom with good health and recovery. Hope you are good.
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