Need To Get My Comp Fixed. Suggestions On Where To Go?

Aug 8, 2006
My comp seems to have slowed down A LOT and I was wondering if you guys might now of a place other than Best Buy / Circuit City to get it checked out. I see a lot of small places out here in Daly City but, I'm hoping someone knows of a place that won't rip me off.

Somewhere in SF / DC / SSF would be ideal. Thank you in advance for any and all suggestions.
can't help you out cuz all the comp/techno-geeks i know are freelance, but i'd be real careful about choosing a shop to fix your comp. they can get a lot of sensitive 411 off your hd, esp if you store a lot of personal info/files......resumes, job apps w/SS security #, DL #, etc, etc.........and of cours credit card 411
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