Netflix Original Movie: Bright: 12-22-17

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Looks like Will wants his street cred back going with a netflix movie where he plays a cop in the future sorta like training day.
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Why is the thread tagged with "Will Smith slander"? :lol:

Wasn't even aware that we could tag threads now.


Mark Antony

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Watching it now, buying into the world is cool, it's really like lotr thousands of years later with the old evil orcs trying to integrate. Where it loses me so far are the characters, everyone is an unlikeable piece of ****, and the underlying message it's trying but failing to convey properly.
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Saw a commercial for this the other day, watched it last night. Overall it actually was pretty good movie. The ending was predictable/cliche.

Training Day does not come to mind while/after seeing. Didnt see that comparison until a few minutes ago when i saw the thread.

I couldnt really connect Jakoby and the other Orcs other than theyre the "same kind" and he chose to be a cop.
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I read some reviews before watching the movie and was surprised at how negative they were. And when I watched the movie I loved it. Great story and even better back story. It’s the kind of movie that gets better as it goes on and now I’m craving a sequel
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“Bright” isn’t only the worst film of 2017, it could be responsible for many of the worst films of 2018 and beyond. "

Wow lol

Mark Antony

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Lost interest midway, gotta try again, but critics exaggerated like crazy. Helps that I watched another Max Landis fantasy trip, Dirk Gently.
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The movie was good, critics are now just around to create a name for themselves with shock

Hence that Skip Bayless like review, go read actually normal folk reviews
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