Never did I think I was going to make a "girl help" thread

May 20, 2006
So I've been in this chicks friend zone for a few years already
I know. Bottom line is that there is something between me and her. We fooled around afew times and such. But something happened last night that makes me think that she really wants me. We were drinking with a lot of heads. And this chick throwsherself at me all night saying how she really thinks I'm good looking. Then she starts asking me why I never made a move to ask her out. And that justthrew me off balance. I'm kinda getting feelings towards her but I don't know if it was the alcohol in her speaking or in fact her. What do I do now?
Just tell her to come thru and watch some pixar movies. You'll be in the buns before nemo gets lost.
you're only in the friendzone because you never had any courage to make a move.

man up. whip it out.

I like Girl.
Girl likes me.
We fooled around.
She got drunk and said I should make a move.

What the +#*% is the $!%%#%@ question, you $!%%#%@ *#%#!*@?
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