Never thought 15 months in the same shoes would happen

Joined Mar 21, 2005
Kinda random question, but are those boot comfortable?

Also thanks for all you do for the good ol USA!
Joined Jan 17, 2004
you are packing more heat than everyone on this thread combined. stay up and we hope to have you safe at home in 3 months. thanks for being out there.
Joined Nov 10, 2007
hey bro i hope ur doing alright out there,
when i deployed well, i had 2 other pairs (the cold weather ones and a extra spare) , with the expensive insoles i had on my boots they were comfier than anypair of sneakers I got.
Im still in and work alot with computers (ill leave it a that...opsec) i got lucky and had a pretty safe job out there, I was never under much risk, just theusual black hawk, shinook (sp?) flights. I actually caught up alot on my sneaker game, since i had an unclass on my desk, and bought ALOT of shoes, so if urbuying anything right now, just think of it as xmas when u get home .
all i can tell u is that its gonna be over soon, hang in there, and always remember what u did out there, there is a diff being made, just because the regularpublic doesnt see it in the news doesnt mean were not doing something. stay up and dont party too hard when u get back. stay up bro !

Joined Sep 10, 2005
damn they look like they held up well!!!

i don't know how you do it... i have respect for you soldiers.

even though i don't support the war, only the troops who have no choice on where to fight.
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