Never trust your own babysitter/nanny....

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Originally Posted by 23kidd

If you cant handle a baby, then why the hell are you a babysitter/nanny?
Oh my goodness...
  That was hard to watch.

If I was the dad, I don't know what it would take for me to not go and kill that lady.

The fact that that his child was abused MORE THAN ONCE is sickening. I know it says that the lady has been with the family for 35 years, and it makes you wonder if she abused any of the other kids (probably did). If you're a parent, make sure you do thorough research for child care etc. You don't want to place you child in a daycare or with a babysitter because it's "cheap." You hear of too many instances of neglect and abuse out there....
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heard about it on the radio.

i would not know how to contain myself if that was my child....
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Smacking an 11 month old like the baby knows what is right or wrong.. SMH @ this broad hope she never gets another nanny gig
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i heard that was only the least of what she did. i guess its too graphic to show on the news. i heard she picked him up and threw him and kicked him a few times.
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Holy $$%#, that was hard to watch.

I really don't know if I could hold back from doing much worse to her and I don't know if I could feel like whatever punishment she gets would be enough for harming my child.

That's disgusting.
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