NeverWet Reviews

Joined Aug 14, 2008
Is this your product? If so - :smokin.
If not, why are you posting random infomercials?

I will say the product seems to be pretty cool.
Joined Aug 14, 2008
Informational purposes.
You act like nothing on NT is ever random. 
Fair enough, generally though there's a little more context to the post or at least some language to make it NT applicable (an attempt at a Vol. in the title or something along those lines).
Joined Feb 3, 2012
would you be able to wash your clothes after putting that on though? or would the washing machine be ineffective?
Joined Oct 31, 2012
Been wanting this forever, especially for any suede/canvas/white shoes. 
Joined Oct 11, 2007
I remember the OG thread about this. Been waiting ever since.

There were so many questions never answered.
Joined Apr 4, 2013
I'm done paying for windshield wipers now with this.
They have that rain x spray for your windshield that's supposed to repel water. I tried it out and it basically made the glass like waxy and a pain to clean. Never again...
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