New ABC show "Take The Money And Run" I'm pissed. Spoilers

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Originally Posted by donpoppa

they coulda hit me up to help hide it.
They didn't need help hiding it. They hid it in a bad place but the detectives were not on it until the bro gave it up.
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Soon as I seen the preview I knew it would be a few fools who would give it up on some you know you done +%%%!$ up right

But I also thought why not drop it in the water as they ran by it...........only for them to run 10 more feet and toss it in the grass


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smh if that was my brother all the fam would disown him

how you ganna just give it up like that....... he prob wanted to go back home to play COD

im sure a few trolls could easily win this all you have to do is troll the interrogators like with troll responses or dont even respond at alll

i woulda just gave the briefcase to a friend and tell him to hide it lol or put it on a boat/water or maybe even just leave it in the car under the seat /trunk when its time to pull over lol
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I hope its fake. I was disgusted at how mentally weak and fragile that fat brother was. How could you possibly face your friends and family after that?
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I sure hope its fake otherwise that fat dude is just plain stupid. How do you break like that? Its not like he's a criminal and will go to jail if he continues to lie to the interrogators. They can't do anything to him. Keep lying and he'll be back to playing xbox in no time.
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