********** NEW Air Force 1 Crease reducing idea ************

Jul 20, 2004
My local finishline is saling the gel heel pads and are telling people put them at the tip of your shoe upside down. It actually works I have been using them for a week now and they ACTUALLY WORK!!!! They make it were your feet do not bend but u cant feel it. I recommend everyone to try it.
That's an interesting idea. So you're saying put the heel cup at the front of your shoe......

If its a US GR af1 they'll bend as soon as you put them on to lace them.
I'm pretty sure that would work, but how is the comfortness??? does it make your feet feel really tight and cramped up in there? and would it work for other shoes like dunks, AM's, etc. ?? ?? ?? TELL ME!
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yes put them at the toe upside down And They feel real good because the gel is against ur toes
I got that idea from a friend of mines in Brooklyn, NY about a year ago. It doesnt have to be the gel insoles, but any shoe that u dont wear anymore. Cut the front tip of the insoles and place that inside the front of ur shoe. It even makes shoes that are creased look uncreased when u do it. My uptowns havent creased heavily since I started that technique.
I wonder if he's in the DC metro area, becuz the girl @ Finishline in Landmark plaza sold me some when I bought the Grey One's AF1's

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yeah my finishline tells me the samething everytime i buy some forces also. so i finally spent the ten bucks and it works pretty damn good. just put the heel cup underneath the padding and the put the sole back in there and dont put it upside down. just lay it the right side up. o yeah and im in Newport News VA and this is where im hearing it
cedar shoe trees are the answer for any shoe.
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That's such a good idea, I never heard of that before. Wait, just to be really specific... are you supposed to do it so that the thicker part of the gel sole is directly under the toes, or is the other way around with the thinner part under the toes (thicker part going more toward the ball of the foot)?
^^^ it's just backwords and it works in the jordan 2's also we've been doin this for awhile now
yea sum1 told my friend that and im in wash. state, pretty weird never tried it myself but it kinda sounds lame if u ask me :\

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What he means is how the heel pads are thin and get thicker, put the thicker part inside the shoe at the toe first that way the thin part is around the middle of the shoe. The part about the midsole is optional as well as flipping the heel pad upside down.

Also, you can reduce creasing by putting multiple insoles in 1 shoe, I've been doing this since last june and all my shoes still look brand new(works well with AF2 midsoles)

Do AF1 insoles come out because all of mine are glued down tight, do you just keep working them until they come out<not the way that might pop in your head when you see this
This cat at footaction in ATL told me the samething, I thought it was a selling ploy, so I didn't bite, but I will try it now.
Thats funny cuz i work at a Finish Line in MA and our manager told us to do this. It works too. Kids hate creases and they sell like crazy if you sell them the right way.


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