New Blazers - nylon

Mar 1, 2005
couldn't find a post on this anywhere...
but what's the story with them?
and are they only at foot patrol? b/c the biggest size they have is 11, in all 3...which is not good for me.
awww more pics of the red!! :wow:
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Yea clearer pics please...they look good
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damn those look really nice. feelin the black ones.
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Also at It's a QS a part of what is called Tech Pack. There will be more models coming soon.

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thanks for the pictures. damn i love nylon. cweak
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are they being released in the U.S.? if so, when??

thanks for whomever posted those other links though
damn them army joints are beyond dope:. i was just tellin my homie they should make some suede army blazers but i forgot how dope nylon is on blazers too:. i want them to do a cortez type blazer with nylon and suede o.g colors like blk/wht,nvy/wht,ryl/wht :.
Olive ones are really crazy...they can break necks without being over the top. gotta cop those
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all three are nicceee. :wow:

my order of fav's go from olives, red's to blacks.

im gettin paid this friday too! yessss!
the olives and blacks are must haves. the red is eh.
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^^lol at comment above.

blehh, navy swoosh kills the red ones (in a bad way)

black one if anything for me.
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