NEW Flight Club Release (Don't get you hopes up)

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Flight Club, Jordan Brand's project that has been poorly executed from the start, and lacked the ability to deliver, will be releasing a new Air Jordan ontheir website. This newest model is unfortunately the Air Jordan Force Fusion 5, Nurse Shark WWII Fight Plane edition. The model will release on May 2nd, eventhough Jordan Brand had a section labeled April-May, nothing happened in April. This Fusion, like most, will undoubtedly sit on the digital shelves of FlightClub only to be released months later on Anyone else tired of Fusions yet?

putting in work

Joined Nov 10, 2007
Seriously like where do they get these hair brained idea's from.

I thought you guys said that they read NT...because if they did they would have seen all of this new garbage that they're putting out is not liked...yeseven by the youngster's.
Joined Jun 24, 2006
They're making it seem like the Fusions are selling poorly. They're literally almost sold out down here, people are eating them up. As for those colorscheme....not a good look.
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i dont like the fusions, however, these are tight as hell. once you take the strap off, these will be money....they additional shark/WWII plane setakils areaweseom, and the material (green leather) looks great...haters will hate. but these are very cool....
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those are so ugly i wouldnt waste my time looking at them on flightclub and i wouldnt waste my money on them
Joined Feb 20, 2007
im not seeing whats ugly about em at all to be honest....but hey, to each their own. You gotta picture them minus the strap.....
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they have got to be kidding me i went through all that to get a code for this??????? Some of the Fusions are cool if you got the $ to buy them to rock with afew outfits. but ive skipped of all them just like the dub zeros.

JB stop pawning us off on some s#$@ we dont want. And sell one darn shoe!!!!
Joined Feb 20, 2007
^^ if you dont want em, dont buy em.....relax though...its not like they aren't releasing every jordan ever made this year-- (insert usual NT *****ingabout quality and shape)...most people on here should retire from sneakers because it seems noone likes anything that drops any more....what are you guyslooking for!??!?! Its human nature, people will @*#*# about anything....just do it on your own time (and bandwith
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