New Gossip Girl TONIGHT! "Seventeen Candles"

Dec 14, 2003
Quote Seventeen Candles
It's Blair's 17th Birthday Party!

Blair is devastated by the current state of her relationship with Nate and the guilt from her recent indiscretion. But she manages to put on a happy face for her 17th birthday party and attempts to hide her feelings from her friends. Hoping to ease the tension between Serena and Vanessa, Dan takes Vanessa to Blair's party so the girls can bond together, but this ends up making Serena more uncomfortable. Jenny brings her mother home as a surprise visit, but Rufus isn't ready to forgive and forget. Finally, Nate's parents ask him to make a huge sacrifice to save his father's business as he faces charges of embezzlement and fraud.

Yep, I'm back with it. Decided just to edit the one from last week. Really excited for this week's episode.

SuraEsco: HATE

blake lively in those jeans and that school uniform..... :pimp:

justine chapin....... :pimp:
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Yeah man, Blake Lively does it for me. Though I generally only go for blondes in the summer time, but she has that look and those long legs I'm a sucker for.

As far as the show, I hope Nate makes a play for Serena, because it'll be funny to see Dan cower and not be able to handle the pressure.
SuraEsco: HATE
Thought I was the only one on NT who watches this show. Anyways, was there a new episode last week on Halloween?
im ready to see what this allison humphrey is looking like....i smell MILF just like serena's mom.

all these girls look right on the show....vanessa, serena, blair, chuck's girls, serena's mom, lil j and those two that follow round blair....
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you guys get the new episodes on wednesday nights in the states???

weird, cus we get them on tuesday nights in canada, i watched this episode last night. the last 20 minutes were pretty dope, mad twists to the story.
i was gonna say "what a queer", but then i realized you were a girl.

hahahaha thanks, i almost choked on my drink when i read that one.

the last 20 minutes were pretty dope, mad twists to the story.
shorty paint her face like a clown but can't take away the frownmyspace
i hve to watch it online tonight. I love GG. I still havent caught up w/desp housewives yet. man, i need get on my game
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blake lively >>>>>>>>>>>>>> leighton meester

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watched it last night (canada) good eppy.

what ever happend to the chuck v dan feud????
what the heck is gossip girl? my gf watches it and she talks about it all the time but i always zone out when she starts talkin lmao
is this show actually any good? i tried to rock with the first episode cause its my dude josh schwartz who created the crack rock "the oc' but i justsaw some dude try and keep raping his date so i was like enhhhhhh

i wish the oc was still on l{
It's not as good as OC season 1 or the beginning of season 2, but definitely my favorite show right now.
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