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Hey Vandal,

Buffulo Print - Kinda looks like cement but more lasered. (Just looks lasered - Not actually lasered)

White Patent - White patent lol

Buck Hampton - Bassically Barouqe brown but buttery.

Contrast stiching - as seen on the new "send help's"

V.I.P. Correct me if im wrong?

Purple Buffalo Print and Infrared patent.
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Thanks ecuno! What about the placement though, I mean i can't imagine that you can make an all white patent pair, or can you?... and what colors are the contrast stitching available in?

EDIT: oh yeah, is it the same colors that are on the Nikeid.com? (other than the ones you mentioned above)


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Well. You can put the patent any were I believe. Not everywere but most places.

I know for the 1's = Quarter + Mudguard + Heel - which is basically the whole shoe. You can put it on the toe or tounge. Only suede, leather or mesh.

For the 90's its the same except for the heel... I know you can put the buffalo on all those places but im also pretty sure about the patent. There are some dif colors. But at the studio you can put diffrent colors in diffrent places were online you have only a certain amount were at the studio you have almost every color for every panel except for the midsole.

Not the contrast stitching is either white,neon,infrared and black. I think thats the only colors. The white patent with black stiching was really nice too.

Buck hampton is the Special color.

yung calog

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Apparently, That's "How he rolls"...
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so i recieved this on the 26th of Feb. i guess im good since they havent said anything about cancelation

Thanks for using NIKE iD to bring color and uniqueness to your world. And ours.

Your Order Number is: o8438XXXX

Shipment #1
Ship to:

Track Your Order
Air Max 1 iD - Men's
1 X $90.00 Each = $90.00
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Product Subtotal = &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp $90.00
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Gift Packaging = &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp $0.00
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Shipping & Handling = &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp $0.00
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Sales Tax = &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp $4.50
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Promotional Savings For This Shipment Of: ($7.00)

if my order was canceled i wouldve known by now correct??

btw does any one have any pics of the id box and how they

thanks in advance
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I think that's just a confirmation that your ordered was received. It could still be cancelled at any time, but cross your fingers that they don't :wink:
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Yesterday I ordered all black AM 1 with the neon swoosh and neon airbag. At first I was on some "Air Max 95 version of Air Max 87" tip, but then I flipped the all black with minimal neon and I loved it even more.
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how do the AM1 iD fit? Are they slightly larger than normal or true to size? i want ot make a pair but unsure of the size. thanx....
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Yeah, so do these fit dumb small?

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I would like to know how the AM 1's fit also. Can someone please help us?

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It looks like the iD production process isn't continuous or fluid. I guess they make groups at a time. Does this make sense? I would expect for us to see a constant update of people receiving their shoes, instead is seems to be in giant groups. Kind of disappointing if you ask me. I would have hoped NIKE would have had them produced in a more continuous process where every day X amount of shoes would be completed instead of a group of shoes every 10 days. But I don't know the logistics of the production process, it's just my observation...
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i dont think they make them in groups.the problem is the air max 1 , 180 and 90 are all made in different countrys.plus we had the holiday over there so i think that also added to the issue.i ordered on the first day they were up a 180 am 1 and am90 and have not got the 90 in yet but did get the others i know no one else has got there 90s either so i would say at this point they are having a problem at the factorys where they are making the 90s
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Any one got their 255 I.D's yet or confirmation?

Those who ordered online, notice that the tag reads (public), I'm assuming that there are factories aside specifically for the 255 I.D's.
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Are they gonna take the AM 90 or AM1 off anytime soon? because I have to wait til next week to order.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]AM1's You Would Have To Get A Half Size Up [hr][/hr]

get the @#%$ outta here! Please tell me I dont have to get a refund! :frown:




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For me they ran "dumb" true to size. Usually the regular AM1s fit a tad big,
but with these they fit perfectly.

As for the question about the "engine" its more of an orange than red as shown in my
pics I posted earlier.

Other than that I am satisfied about my two pairs of AM1s, now just waiting on my
other two AM90s. Wish they would speed up the process since Lunar New Years is over.

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