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-The money situation.
-Head office is in England but i'm getting contacted from Texas
-First time interviewed by IM, i've heard of Skype interviews but not this

*Some things obviously changed*

[color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacfgdsushr[/color]:‎ Are you ready for the interview?
  • Me:‎ Yes
  • Me:‎ This will be an IM interview, correct? No webcam?
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacvcxdushr[/color]:‎ Yes
  • Me:‎ Great
  • Me:‎ Let's get started
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacushr[/color]:‎ Very well, let me proceed to introducing the company, the interview and what the job has to offer.
  • Me:‎ Sounds good
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacushdfgdr[/color]: We  is an independent, privately owned business that has been handling documents and data for over 30 years.We operate from our own secure offices at Abacus House in Luton, Bedfordshire.With many years experience and an impressive client base, we provide a full range of solutions to support all types of campaigns and projects. Our Document Scanning, Document Indexing, Data Entry, Data Cleansing and Data Processing solutions help organisations to become more efficient, save money and provide a better service to their customers. Can we proceed ?
  • Me:‎ Proceed
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abaxbcvzdScushr[/color]:‎ Okay we are good to go, can you give me some knowledge you have added to your personal skills from previous jobs?
  • Me:‎ Definitely
  • Me[font=Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]:‎ [/font]I am the boss of all bosses
  • Me:‎ Swag.
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abasdfcvbncushr[/color]:‎ What's your Fullname and where are you currently located ?
  • Me:‎ BenDover: Los Angeles, CA
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacnghbfxdcushr[/color]:‎ Describe yourself.
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abadhtgfzdcushr[/color]:‎ Are you there?
  • Me:‎ Im just too sick with it
  • Me:‎ Yes, still here
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacuhcvgxfzshr[/color]:‎ Why do you want this job, what do you understand by the term "pettycash" and are you currently employed ?
  • Me:‎ I can be a great asset to a company like yours. 
  • Me:‎ I learned that if you do what you love for a living, you never work a day in your life. I can be kim kardashian and you can be kris jenner. we'll make millions together
[color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacbvxzcushr[/color]:‎ How would you describe your work ethics and are you comfortable with the fact that this is an online/work from home job pending when our office will be completed at the end of next month.

Me:‎ Where exactly will the office be located? i am aware the Luton, Bedfordshire is located in England

  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]ababvcvxdzcushr[/color]:‎ Downtown CA
  • Me:‎ Los Angeles?
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacuvncbxvshr[/color]:‎ Yes
  • Me:‎ Great!
  • Me:‎ Yes definitely, i would not mind working from home for the time being
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacvmhcngbxcushr[/color]:‎ Do you know how to make use of ms excel and whats your typing speed ?
  • Me:‎ Yes, i know how to use it. I have not checked my typing speed in years to be honest
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacuxgfzdsshr[/color]:‎ ok
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacubgfxvshr[/color]:‎ Privacy and code of conduct..explain the phrase?
  • Me:‎ Respecting others

  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacubfxdvzshr:‎ You have to make sure you are online at all times

    abacufdgzsshr[/color]:‎ This is a work from home job until when our office will be completed at the end of next month,you will be doing data entry clerk (accounting related) work will be sent to you daily via emails and you are to submit work back to me at the end of the day via email.
  • Me:‎ Sounds good, will we be in the same Time Zone?
  • Me:‎ I have a laptop and desktop and wifi access from home. It should not be a problem
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abdgfsaacushr[/color]:‎ ok
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacxfdvzCSushr[/color]:‎ I would like to tell you more about this job. Can I proceed?
  • Me:‎ Proceed
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacuvdfzcshr[/color]:‎ As the boss you will:
    *Enter admission and billing data for clients and payroll information for employees into the computer system, and forward documentation to the appropriate processing center.

    *Maintain client/employee records, and distribute copies of compliance documentation to appropriate branch staff based on Company approved standardized paper flow.

    *Ensure all client and employee files are current and complete, interface with administrative staff to gather deficient or inaccurate documents, and notify the manager when employees do not respond to requests for needed documentation and any other related data entry tasks as it may be assigned by the supervisor. I believe you can handle all of these at any given time?
  • Me:‎ Yes, i can do all the task that you ask for
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]acXvbfbacushr[/color]:‎ NEXT IS PAYROLL & WORKING SCHEDULE
  • Me:‎ I have done this at previous jobs. Sounds good so far.
  • Me:‎ Proceed
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacxdfzsDFushr[/color]:‎ 1. How many hours are you willing to Work per day? (4hr Minimum per day or 40hrs Maximum per week)
    2. What time range?
    3. Payroll Interval? (Weekly or Bi-weekly)
    4. Payroll Method (Check)
    We offer $25 per hour Plus Health,dental and Paid Vacation Benefits available also
  • Me:‎ 1) 8 hours a day/ 5 days a week
    2) I am available from 7am to 10pm
    3) Weekly
    4) Check
    Sounds good. Once the office is set-up, i can look into the benefits with more detail
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abaccbxvzcushr[/color]:‎ Yes
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacugfzdshr[/color]:‎ Just to inform you we will be providing you with a mini office equipments that would be use for the data compliement,the following will be sent to you:
    * Hp Notebook Pentium D Duo Processor 1800 mGHZ, 120 Gigg HDD, 2G Internal Memory.

    * All in One Printer, Scanner, Fax and Photocopier Machine.

    * Microsoft Office and Microsoft Operating Systems ( Service Packs 2 )

    * Mini-Office Stationaries.
  • Me:‎ Sounds great. Would you like me to use the provided notebook for all work task?
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacuhbgvxfzcshr[/color]:‎ Yes and you can also use your own
  • Me:‎ Sounds good. Do you need my info to send out the package or do you have it from my resume
  • Me:‎ or will this be at the office once it opens?
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacb xcvzxcushr[/color]:‎ we will need details but we need to conclude the interview first
  • Me:‎ My apologize
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacchxbcgvzushr[/color]:‎ A check for $1950 will be issued and mail out to you for the purchase of the following softwares that will be needed during your orientation and training.
    * $100 For BS 1 Accounting software which is to be purchase This week.
    * $100 For Peach Tree Software (US Patent Single Users Pack)
    * You deduct $100 for your self as your sign on Bonus ( This is to Motivate staffs towards commencement )
    * Transfer the remaining to the Shipping agent to effect Shipping Logistics for your Equipments Listed above.( this is to be done via Western Union money Transfer or Money Gram )
  • Me:‎ Ok, Do you know where i may purchase the programs at?
  • Me:‎ If i may ask, why such a big amount of money, it sounds like i would spend $500 max?
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abaccgbxfvzdushr[/color]:‎ You will have to send the balance to the shipping agent to effect the shipment of your mini office equipment
  • Me:‎ Great.
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacucfghxfgzfshr[/color]:‎ Please i will be needing the following informations to complete your payroll on the administrative desk.
    Your Fullname.........
    Contact address.......
    Home and cell phone #.....
    Email address........
  • Me:‎ BenDover
    Beverly Hills Pleighboii
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abaccgxfzdushr[/color]:‎ This week,I will provide you with the shipper's address and i will be sending you the tracking # to the package so you can keep an eye on it to know when you're getting it.
  • Me:‎ Sounds good.
  • Me:‎ Where is it coming from?
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacucgxbfgzdfshr[/color]:‎ from TX
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacuxfgdzsshr[/color]:‎ you will receive it via usps
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacfvzdcushr[/color]:‎ A tracking number will be sent to you
  • Me:‎ Great
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abaccghxfzdushr[/color]:‎ Also you're expected to check your email daily so that you don't miss any instructions regarding the payment delivery and instructions and as soon as the check is delivered,you are to report immediately on your yahoo messenger for further instructions.
  • Me:‎ I will be online at all times
  • Me:‎ Who do i have the pleasure of speaking with today?
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacgxbfdvzcushr[/color]:‎ Dirtylicous
  • Me:‎ It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance.
  • Me:‎ Do you have any other questions for me?
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacxfgzCDSushr[/color]:‎ That is all for now,i will keep you posted.Talk to you later and welcome to the company
  • Me:‎ Thank You
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abagzdsfAcushr[/color]:‎ You are welcome and bye for now
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The whole thing is shady but you never know...

I've never heard of a "IM Interview" for anything that didn't involve a webcam. Keep us posted.
Joined Nov 6, 2012
It's a scam.My friend thought she had a job like this too. Just had to receive and send packages. She was going to be someone's assistant and get paid $500 lol it never happened.
Joined Dec 19, 2011
The $1950 check they send you will bounce in a few weeks. You'll be left with a giant hole in your account, while they walk away with the difference (~$1600).

But yeah, looks legit.
Joined Mar 9, 2010
  • [color= rgb(110, 50, 157)]abacnghbfxdcushr[/color]:‎ Describe yourself.
  • abadhtgfzdcushr:‎ Are you there?
  • Me:‎ Im just too sick with it
  • Me:‎ Yes, still here
Joined Jul 19, 2012
He was answering the questions serious and edited them for lulz after.

The guy asked if he was still there bc he was busy writing a description of himself.


John Wick

formerly jayzonmytoes
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Craigslist is scam central I just tell em to F off scammer and they never reply back lol
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