New Kitchen Cabinets and Appliances...HELP! VOL.Need a hookup!

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In the market for new kitchen cabinets as well as appliances. Priced at a few places.
But with anything you are looking for quality.

Looking for anyone that works in the those areas that can help out. Discounts?!

Or anyone that has recently purchased these items and feels they got a
great deal. Doesnt matter instore or online. If in NYC that would be good too.

Looking to purchase within the next 2 weeks.
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Well as far as quality goes, if you're looking to put in good cabinets in a good house, you def want to go with plywood box construction. None of that press board/composite stuff. Atleast 1/2 in thick plywood.

Drawers should be dovetail only. Not nailed or stapled together.

What type of wood are you wanting to go with? Here in the midwest a lot of people still go with the "classic" oak. But since you're in NYC, you're pry looking at something a little more fancy like cherry, quarter sawn oak? or possibly even painted cabinets.

Are you looking to resell this house after you're all done?

Appliances: Electric stove I would assume? Whirlpool makes good products. Stainless looks nice, but it's not always worth it to spend extra $$ on just the look of it. that's your call. If you're selling it, then it might appeal more to a buyer if the rest of the kitchen is great.

What are you doing about countertops? Laminate, quartz, solid surface?
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Just go to a mom and pop place and say, this is my budget, what can you do. If you're not too picky, they'll hook you up. At least out here in SF they do.

If able, get a gas stove. Cooks much better, cheaper overall from electricity/usage stand point and if your power goes out at least you can still do some cooking.

Cabinets can be bank if you go a custom route. I have a 1 bedroom condo which I'm getting ready to put on the market, we went with Lowes off the shelf cabinets and saved a bundle.

I rolled with GE appliances and have a Kenmore dishwasher (Sears). Reason for the difference is, I had to get the dishwasher much earlier due to necessity.
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Plywood do doubt. wanted dovetail softclose.
My thing is their a big difference between lets say merilatt and the one from the mom and pop spot.
Looking at shaker style cabinets. sleek enough to be urban and traditional wood touches.

Going gas...was looking at all ge Stainless steel. I know thats a fad but I like them. Might go frigidaire they are slightly cheaper.
If I found a connect for the appliances Id have no prob getting the cabinets.

looking at granite.

Not looking to sell right away maybe 7-10 years down the line.
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If you're going to, or planning on staying, then it's worth it to spend some $ on some better things.

I have GE Stainless Steel oven and microwave. Amanna Stainless refrigerator and the above mentioned Kenmore Dishwasher.

Under mount stainless steel sink with granite over the top. Made a bar area which formed a nice back splash that my counter originally did not have.

I'll have pics up soon I guess since we're listing in about a week and a half.

If you're in a house or something that wouldn't have as many issues with being listed, then it's worth it to customize somewhat. I'm in a 1bdr so any amount really spent on customization I wouldn't see back because of price ceilings on 1 bedrooms.
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For the money you'll spend on granite, it's not really worth it. You gotta reseal it every year. People don't want to take the time to do that, or you forget about it. That's how staining and other crap happens.

I'm actually getting new countertop installed in my house within the next two weeks. I'm going with Quartz. Cambria is the brand. You don't ever have to worry about sealing it. Many advantages over Granite.
Granite is over hyped.

Gas stoves are great. I personally love them. Pry looking at $850 + for a good unit. I have all Stainless in my Kitchen, and yea, it looks real nice. Some people tho don't have the $$ to spend on it tho.

Dishwashers, you're gonna spend about $500 to get a good unit that will have decent soundproofing, and make sure that you get nylon coated racks inside. Not pvc. those will rust within a few years.

Fridge: If you have the room, go with a 36 french door with freezer on the bottom. I have a regular S/S and hate the freezer on the left section. I don't use my freezer a lot. It is full, but would much rather have the whole top section that I am always in, right up top, easy access.

Best thing to do is find Comsumer Reports magazine top rated products of 2009 issue.

Looks like you might have fell short of getting in on that Cash for Clunkers appliance edition they had going on.

Just go into a place that is a local owned cabinet business and get a price quote. Then go into a home improvement store that offers the type of cabinets you're looking for. Sometimes one or the other will have installing them included with the price. Sometimes the little guy can do more for you than the big box place.
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