New NIKE commercial. Vol. Tiger

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I love 99% of Nike's ads, but this is just weird and unnecessary IMO.
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Big Earl has got that old school gangster voice - i thought it was kinda sick... considering all circumstances
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Nike...Very smart and extremely good at what they do. It doesn't change my perception on Tiger though. I still hope he wins.
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I didn't know this had a voice I was at a lounge with very loud music when this came on the screen I just thought it was like a "ohhh man tiger is back tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!" type commercial, but nike is on point with it I like it.
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Originally Posted by chr1scross

ESPN is running it every commercial break..
supposedly this commercial is having a very limited run (it was talked about by anderson cooper
). probably milking it for as many views as they can before it gets pulled.

i think the commercial is great. they're gonna have to transition tiger into being marketable again...i think this is a strong way to do it.
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Tiger giving an actual apology (no I'm not saying I need one) and not sleeping with every girl he meets would probably go further in making him marketable again. Until he gets over the proverbial hump an ad won't do much. Can't wait for this torunament
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