New Orleans in a nutshell? need help

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I am likely going to NO for the Bears game that weekend (9/17 + 18). I don't know what hotel I will be in just yet. Can I get some help with clubs and restaurants to eat at? I mostly like hip/hop and r& b on the music side if that helps with the clubs. I pretty much eat anything, but I want to know where to get the best New Orleans taste.
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i was about to make this thread going there in sept for a bachelor party,
parents went a couple of months ago said it gets pretty wild at night, telling me that pick pockets are EVERYWHERE waiting for tourists, i dunno if they over exaggerating or what
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Stick to burbon st and you will find everything you need. I don't know it s it's still there, but at the end of Burbon st there is a little breakfast spot thats open late. I would hit that up at least 4X a week.
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im planning a trip down there for the texans saints game in week 3. went once for mardi gras but i was 19 so i couldn't really get in anywhere. but then again, the party on the street was good enough for me
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