new Paul and Juicy/Project Patah mixtapes vol. shuttheffffuuuuppp

Joined Sep 11, 2008
or am I the only one still checking for these guys? 

02. Stick Em Up (Feat. DJ Zirk)
03. Get Up Wit Me
04. Black And White Rag
05. My Life (Feat. Lion Heart And Thug Therapy)
06. Neva Too Much
07. Buy My Old *!@@
08. Too Kill Again Interlude
09. Gimme Yayo (Feat. Mscellaneous And Slang Maine)
10. I’m High Right Now (Feat. K4, Lionheart, And Mac-E)
11. Lose It (Feat. Lil’ Wyte)
12. Funny *!@@ Interlude
13. They Don’t Wanna See It (Feat. Reno, Young Kee, D-Boy, Gee Train, And Twuan G)
14. $!++ Wit Me
15. I’m Zonin
16. Stay Wit Me (Scale-A-Ton Album Throwback)
17. Like Money Interlude
18. Like Money (Feat. Game)
19. Hi Way (Feat. Montana Trax)
20. Outro
21. I’m Lookin’ For It (Feat. Lion Heart And Parlae)

01. DJ Scream & DJ Whoo Kid - Intro
02. Juicy J - Aint *!@@
03. Juicy J - Juicy J Speaks
04. Yo Yo Munie & Juicy J - Bet Yo Bankroll
05. Don Trip, Juicy J & Project Pat - Blow A Stack
06. Project Pat Feat. ZE - Hoish
07. Project Pat - Project Pat Speaks
08. Juicy J Feat. V Slash & Lil Wyte - I'm Gutta Bra
09. Juicy J & Project Pat Feat. New Genesis - Last Piece Of Change
10. Juicy J Feat. Lil Reno & Jon Geezy - Money *!@@
11. Juicy J & Project Pat Feat. V Slash - Pesos
12. Project Pat & Mac Pooh - Play
13. Project Pat & Juicy J - Baby Doll
14. Juicy J - Juicy J Speaks, Part 2
15. V Slash - Anybody Can Get It
16. Juicy J Feat. V Slash - Boom
17. Project Pat Feat. V Slash - Bout My Money
18. Project Pat - Project Pat Speaks, Part 2
19. Juicy J Feat. Lil Reno & V Slash - $@$## Get Me High
20. Project Pat - Take Sum
21. Juicy J & Project Pat Feat. New Genesis - Ike Turner Pimpin'
22. V Slash - Came A Long Way
23. Project Pat & Juicy J Feat. Don Trip - Cut It Out
24. Juicy J Feat. Lil Lody - Flippin' It
25. Lil Reno Feat. Mac Butta & Juicy J - Give Me Me
26. Juicy J Feat. V Slash - Imma Gangsta
27. Juicy J Feat. Jon Geezy - Take A Loss
28. Project Pat & Juicy J Feat. Lil Reno - This Aint What The F*ck U Want
Joined Sep 11, 2008
^ only listened to the paul and that %#+% jammin

this fool sampled Kane wrestling theme on track 14
Joined Dec 14, 2004
I was listenin to Juicy's solo album yesterday, "Hustle Till I Die". It's not the same but that's probably the last good joint that's gonna come from them. They fell off hard, it's just not the same
Joined Sep 1, 2006
Juicy J's latest tracks have all been bangers. I think he still has it in him to produce hits and whatnot. I didn't like Paul's last solo, that joint was weak but it's good to see he did a track with Zirk. Never thought that would happen, unless it's a sample and not really a feature.
Joined Apr 8, 2004
DJ Paul has fallen off ridiculous hard. I can't stand him anymore.

I still check for Pat though and Juicy has been pretty consistent lately.
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