New Pokemon Games Vol. Black and White

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"Pokémon Black" and "Pokémon White" will be the names of the two new titles Nintendo hinted at in an announcement earlier this year. Dropping any reference to precious metals or stones, the barons at The Pokémon Company instead opted to stay clean and classy by limiting their fifth installment in the core series to tuxedo colors.

Very few details have been let out out into the open but anticipates having more details available on April 15, which is not all that far away. The game has previously been reported to included new Pokémon, as well as a new setting and some fresh gameplay mechanics, though Pokéwalker functionality has not been confirmed.

Zorua and its advanced form Zoroark, a dark Pokémon from the film due out this year in Japan, will be a part of the mix, though, according to Andriasang. Though the movie, titled "Phantom Ruler: Zoroark," comes out in Japan in July and "Black" an "White" have been tagged for 2010 releases there as well, their U.S. fates have not been set in stone, so those of us on this side of the Pacific may have to sit tight for a another week or longer before we find out when they land.

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SMH @ the black version having you battle "crackheads" instead of "youngsters"
SMH @ the black version character buying pokeballs off the back off the back of NPc players' bikes
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