New Predators Movie Trailer 03/18

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Besides Iron Man 2, my most anticipated flick this summer.� I know both AvP movies kinda sucked, but this one takes place after the og with Ahnold

New Trailer

Meet Royce the Mercenary

The story, as explained by Rodriguez is this: A tribe of predators haskidnapped a group of humans, the most deadly killers to be found onplanet Earth, and dropped them on an alien planet which serves as apredator game preserve (note: It is not the predator home world). Thinkof it like a fisherman stocking his pond with trout. The primary trouthere are played by Adrian Brody (who has seriously bulked up andagainst all odds is utterly convincing as a total badass), Topher Grace(who still looks like Topher Grace), Danny Trejo, and Alice Braga.They’ve been dropped in with no idea how they got there or who broughtthem, and they don’t really get along.

Here’s where we get into spoiler territory. So if you don’t want to know, bail out now.

The clip shown features Laurence Fishburne’s introduction. He shows upafter our leads have landed, as a human character already on theplanet. He’s utterly kickass, both here and in the trailer, chewingscenery up and spitting it back out. Rodriguez describes his characteras “the one who got away
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 When does this come out?
Laurence Fishbourne and Adrien Brody? That calibur of actor in this kind of movie has me excited.
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Originally Posted by Rudemiester

 When does this come out?
Laurence Fishbourne and Adrien Brody? That calibur of actor in this kind of movie has me excited.
July 7th
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I'll go to see it but seeing the little doggie predators in the previews gives me a bad feeling about this one.


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^ yea man they better not go OD on new predators, they honestly should have just sticked to the one in the og
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this movie looks freaking awesome...and the story is great. I was very excited to see AVP because i played the computer games, but man did the botch the first one. The second one showed promise, but just fell short.
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Originally Posted by Mo Matik

Yeah, I'm not getting my hopes up.

I agree. Regardless of the star caliber and new director, it still felt like the same thing.
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