NEW PRODIGY...The Phone Tap...

b smooth 202

Joined Dec 21, 2004

I'm back on my Acura $!%* jewelry with the factory rims

P sounding rejuvenated....his rhyme scheme isnt as simple as it was these last few years before gettin locked up....

HNIC 2 is still the best album out of NY in a minute to....HNIC 3 is gonna be
Joined Jan 8, 2009
#$%@ goes hard
when does he get out?

anyone know what he meant by that kanye west line
Joined Jun 2, 2009
well done, well done...........

......son did a whole track locked up better than some cats in a booth nowadays.......wowwww
Joined Sep 11, 2008
"50 came to see me last weekend, we had a long talk about how its gone be when I touch down"

"tell Hav I love em, get the beats together, so when Mobb Deep drop we'll be bigger and better"  

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