New Roosevelt High School

Jul 29, 2001
Officially opened today with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. I didn't go but my dad went to take pictures and see the building (we live three blocks away and my bro is a senior there). Good god, the place is ridiculous. He showed me photos of the performing arts facility. State of the art is all I can say. They have a recording studio and can record from any room in the arts center. The old auditorium is the new library and it's ridiculous. Of course I think a lot of people have been watching the evolution of the turf field outside. It's a pretty sweet place. Would I want to go back to high school for it all...HELL NO!
The Commons area (I believe near the back, looks out onto the field)


Field (looking west from upstairs)


New library (old auditorium)




Theater (photo taken probably two months ago)

The new field is amazing. I got to see it the day before I left for school, I will have to wait till November or October to see the interior though...
Actually, I'm not sure about an actual recording studio. Every room in the music center is equipped with technology that allows you to basically convert the room into a studio. The practice rooms are all soundproof and can take mic feeds. The main band rooms are also wired for recording.
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