New Socal Artist who are buzzing in Southern Cali vol. Actually decent


Joined Sep 1, 2007
Well, I was surfing the web tonight and found this cover of the lil wayne single joint from two up and coming artist out of LA. I thought it was going to be terrible (Trying to do a song after lil wayne goes over it is almost death) but it actually was ok to me.

So SocalNT, the most knowledgable website in terms of music, what yall think.

Jamaal ft young G (Not sure of the artist name)-Single (Lil wayne cover) ... c04de2118d

And if this is a wrong place to put this in, sorry. I just thought that this was the place to post it since I was just trying to show you guys a different version of the single joint, so if its the wrong place, im sorry NT.
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