New to ATL, help a brotha out (where to cop gear?)

Dec 29, 2006
Actually I've been here since August for school (GATech), but I've only been to Lennox mall which is weak. It's too preppy for me.

I'm lookin for some ghetto malls, streetwear clothes retailers, and spots to cop J's.

The black V's are dropping this week and I was wondering what would be the best place to cop em at?

Also where are good places to cop LS Jordans and Quickstrike/Limited AF1s?

All I know right now is


I'm in midtown with no car, so i can only reach spots accessible by marta. I aint finna bus walk or walk alot lol.

Thanx in advance.
check sme of the older threads...lotta this info answered....if not hit me up and ill give u some more info
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How u gonna go to GA tech, rockin tall tees and oversized jeans callin yourself fly?(I don't know if thats how u actually dress but thats the vibe I get) At Most non-HBCUs, thats what most dudes will be rockin(the "preppy" stuff), maybe you don't want to be the same, but the childish bopper look needs to be left in HS.

But make friends with someone who has a car, if you can't find a spot in ATL, u suck at shopping.
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im sick of yall dudes on here, this aint manilatalk.
Sole Munki, Laced Up (exclusive air forces and Jordans)
Focus, Balboa, Walters, USA Boutique, DTLR(downtown)
South Dekalb, Greenbriar, Stonecrest, Southlake, Cumberland (all good malls to find clothes)

anything else just holla at me i know more places i just cant think off the top of my head right now..just a few good places
Greenbriar isnt that hard to find just go 75/85 south get off @ 166 and ride it out til you to Greenbriar Parkway...

they got a few stores in there 2 shop in to get some lil gear from
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