New Wayne "kobe bryant"... Vol. Wayne = Greatness

Joined Jan 11, 2006
Wow..!!! jus heard a new wayne track called KOBE BRYANT!!! song jus dropped on one of da LA radio stations...

Be on da look out!!! song is

"Kobe doing work / 2-4 on my shirt / He the greatest on the court / And I'm the greatest on the verse"
Joined Oct 8, 2008
I hate you now.

Just listened to the song. I wonder if Wayne tied his dreads back before he hopped on Kobe
Joined Mar 24, 2008
whats good with these threads that belong in another forum

with that said OP this belongs in Nike Retro
Joined Aug 31, 2006
lol i posted this in the Kobe thread on S&T

it came out of no where, didn't know if it was old or not
Joined May 25, 2006
Originally Posted by khemikalali1

Wow..!!! jus joined NIKETALK!!! should check for the topic in the music forum before posting!

Be on da look out!!! song is
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