New York, yall can give us (cali) the loss vol. TYGA

dude look like a nwa reject with the laker jacket
this fool look like a member of swv with that damn jacket on and goofy looking shades with them tight jeans
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why is his jacket baggier than his pants
Jacket's clean IMO, but the fit on those OG Starter bombers was hella awkward (too baggy in the arms and cut short). Song's a major stepup from what I've heard from dude before though.
I messes with this track. But i was just thinking how west coast raps as a whole have been ridiculously wack in recent memory.
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song was dope...why worry about what the next mans wearing? ....


This track is fire, he stepped his raps up. Why the hell are you hating for?.. Oh yeah Tyga > >Gucci is not an outlandish comment, Gucci sucks at rappingits his persona yall in to(pause). Tyga's new album sounds like its gonna be something serious.

Oh yeah Drake, Wayne, and Tyga That should be YM get rid of the rest of those clowns.. Oh yeah Keep Nikki around for the Trains.. LOL
It's okay but I'm not really feeling it. So many other new up and coming west coast MCs could've done this better(Dom, Blu, Convinced, etc.)
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