NFL Regular Season Thread 2019-2020: The ‘Greatest Dynasty Of All Time’ Scores 13 Points At Home And Loses To Ryan Tannehill

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Y’all ever think we’ll see a defensive MVP in our lifetime?
gotta basically pull a Michigan Woodson..

Clear DPOY, with couple pick 6s.. then I’d say they’re a returner too and couple couple return tds.. and then I’ll see get some offensive snaps for good measure

so highly unlikely
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These 2 iNTs Rivers is just late deciding to throw it.

Whoever that receicer was was open soon as he started his cut inside but Phil waited to damn long
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Damn that’s a fumble

My wife worked an event with Alex Smith, Colt McCoy and Vernon Davis last week.

She said Alex Smith walks with a huge limp.

Those three players didn’t donate a dollar to the fundraiser. Hahahahaha, she was tight.
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