NFL Week 3 In Review...

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  1. S4L


    Jan 31, 2007
    Post your observations from Week 3...

    -Cowboys D-Line looking nice and the secondary is coming together.

    -I know it’s been awhile since you 49ers and ******** fans have had a legit QB, but maybe yall should be quiet about all that “Top 10” and “best young QB” in the league talk until you seen more than a season…..because truth be told, Cam Newton is still the best young QB in this league.

    -Falcons won’t make the playoffs.

    -Does winning a SB just absolve you of all of your sins forever? Eli isn’t even a Top 15 QB anymore. It's pretty clear that without a running game and defense carrying them, Eli and Big Ben are both overrated.

    -Dolphins going to have to beat the Saints to make anybody believe.

    -It’s to the point where even Texans fans don’t expect their team to beat legit teams.

    -Shaky pocket presence strikes again.

    Quotes Of The Week
    -We have the potential to be the best offense ever, really, We can be the top offense in the league-Pierre Garcon
    -Ima go with RG3. As great of a weapon he is the thing I like the most is that he takes care of the ball. You never see him panic-over cam newton-somebody's logic for saying RG3 is better than Cam
    -Griffin is a much more polished passer and can get it done with just his arm if needed to..-over cam-somebody's logic for saying RG3 is better than Cam
    -I don't know about you, but when I watch him, RG3 uses his legs to supplement what he can really do well as a passer. With Cam, you take away his legs and he struggles mightily-Vikings fan who claims he's a QB guru and played football at the Y.
    -I see the Skins winning 12 games (if RG3 healthy all year ATLEAST 12). It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that we sweep the division. Is it too early to call Kyle Shannahan the next great offensive genius? He literally has every D-Coordinator doing major research to stop the read-option and every O-coordinator with an athletic QB implementing it. I expect Orakpo to put up Terrel Suggs type #'s now that he's in a contract year and fully healthy. I fully expect Orackpo to be a candidate for DPOY-Skins fan
    -but kaepernick is the best qb in the league-Dom Ramon
    -But that's really all I'm asking these "experts for". 8-8!I think they warrant that.... not these damn last place division finishes like I've been seeing.-Vikings fan who's trying to bet on every team except his own now after 3 weeks
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  2. tripda6


    Jul 21, 2012
    -offense looks terrible. Nice TD drive, but outside of that they accomplised nothing.
    D played okay, they were just on the field way too long...
    This **** is pathetic, you got washed on the road, then get a home game and get washed again...
    2 weeks, 10 points

    man, the steelers are bad
    Bucs too
    :lol: washington
    Giants fldkskskskslks :rofl:

    Great home win for miami, theyre putting something together down there
    Bengals :pimp:
    Bears rolling early, but will they finish the regular season strong?
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  3. keel252

    keel252 Banned

    Mar 23, 2007

    :wow: somebody really said that?

  4. SneakerProSr.


    Feb 11, 2003
    No one wants to admit it but Shoes has been right a lot this year


    Dark times are near.

    Lions haven't beat a team that has won a game they win next week and I'll take them seriously.
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  5. jumpmanfromdabay

    jumpmanfromdabay Banned

    Jan 26, 2008
    - either CK is in a slump or rest of the league has caught up to him
    -Gore looks like he's on the decline
    -Niners are really missing Crabbtree outside of Boldin, they are terrible at WR
    -Defense with too many stupid penalties
  6. va757va


    May 8, 2005
    Shoes straight serving dudes. Lmao. Lol. Love the rg3 quotes !! Tell em!!

    -D line dominated with two dudes signed off the street.

    -offense is starting to click. Romo leading the league in completion percentage.

    -beautifully called game yesterday. Both by kiffin nd Callahan.
    -consistency is key now.

    Rest of nfl:
    -lol @ the Washington football team.

    -nyg suck. Been telling y'all Eli ain't "elite".

    -don't expect atl, gb, nd San Fran all to stay trending down, brighter days are near..
  7. dmxfury

    dmxfury Moderator

    Oct 14, 2000
    Best defensive effort I've seen by that Bengals D. Incredible game. That offense is still lagging but still a great win
    Browns can't even tank correctly
    Big win for Balt
    Pack just don't have that dominant feel anymore

    I find myself rooting for these teams:

    Congrats you get the Fury Karma come playoffs

    What's left to say? At least Heath is back. But this team jut finds ways to lose, almost entertaining at this point
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  8. primetime21


    Jan 11, 2010
    Defense looked good till tillman got hurt
    Hopefully tillman will be ok for the lions game
    Alshon will have a breakout season this year
    Jay Cutler looks like a different QB this season thanks to trestman
    Once again Trestman playcalling was suspect in the 3rd quarter.
    getting worried about the Dline with Melton out

    The panthers Defense is legit they should trade for Josh Gordon
    I really hope the seahawks does not get home field advantage
    The Packers and Falcons will be ok and make the Playoffs
    The Vikings :rofl:
    If the Cowboys don't win the NFC East garrett should be fired
  9. jj watt

    jj watt

    May 2, 2013
    Our offensive line :x

    Matt :smh:

    I've been done with dude since the middle of last year :smh:

    PLEASE call steelers for Big Ben :smh: :nerd:

    Giants :wow:

    I agree with shoes about the top 10 RG2 1/2 and Kap.

    Haven't seen a lot of giants / ******** fans :nerd:

    The jets are the best team in NY :wow: :smh:
  10. jjs07


    Jul 18, 2012
    5/16 teams in the NFC have winning records :x

    -Skins loss yesterday was COMPLETELY on RG3.
    -Is there a more overrated player in the league than Brian Orakpo?
    -Colts straight up bullied the 49ers. Nothing more dangerous in this league than a young team gaining confidence.
    -651 responsible for yet another VIkings loss.
  11. 100027


    Dec 1, 2012

    -Whatever, we played the Jags.  Madden football.  Was 31-0 until we put the backups in.  

    -Was great to see our D-Line finally on the field together.

    -I'm worried about our trip to Houston, and not because they're a great team or we're going on the road.  The O-Line is having issues without Okung.  Now we have a backup LT going against J.J. Watt.  Would expect a defensive struggle.

    Everyone else:

    -Thank you Colts!  Awesome game plan from Pagano and well-executed.  I think the 9ers are a top team and will be fine once they remember to run the football, but I'm glad they lost a home game.  Hey, Superbowl hangover is a real thing.

    -Packers are still a good team, but they were waayyyy overrated coming into this season.  Same problems they always have- bad defense and allow Rodgers to take hits in the pocket.  That 49ers offensive explosion in week 1 looks less impressive when you realize the Packers can't cover anyone, as usual.

    -Great to see the Bengals, Dolphins, winning statement games and earning respect.  Dolphins defense is for real and so is Tannehil.  LIke they way they're coached.

    -Cowboys beat the Rams and proved us all wrong.  Going all the way baby WHERE ARE THE HATERS NOW?  WHERE ALL YOU HATERS AT NOW?  

    -Very happy to see Cam get this win.  I'm a big Cam fan but to say he's proven himself the best young QB is also ridiculous.  Did you see Luck today, for example?  
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  12. don ramon

    don ramon

    Jul 18, 2012
    figured a grade a troll would recognize an obvious troll post. to add, it was a quote from like three weeks ago. you're slipping :smh:
  13. finnns2003


    Nov 21, 2003
    :pimp: Phins football.

    We don't need you OP, keep not believing
  14. buc em

    buc em

    Apr 29, 2009
    **** you Josh Freeman.
  15. S4L


    Jan 31, 2007
    You a clown so it's hard to tell from a distance. Especially after you corrected somebody when they mentioned how foolish the statement was...
  16. fraij da 5 11

    fraij da 5 11

    Jan 4, 2004
    2 days ago I was mad we had a BYE week in week 4... After yesterday I'd say its the best thing for this team.

    Rodgers looked probably as bad as I've seen him look in years yesterday... I'm sure being down 0-14 before he even took the field didn't set a good tone but he was definitely off his game.

    That fumble/return [​IMG] Jon Franklin showed he's better than what he looked in preseason but jesus man you cant fumble that football.

    More injuries...

    Bears love being 1st half division winners but I'm not expecting them to be there come week 17.

    I was stuck at work yesterday so I didn't get to see too much other NFL but I caught Giants getting their ***** kicked all over the field before work and the Steelers getting theirs kicked after.

    Those two teams have almost literally non existent running games right now. [​IMG]
  17. buc em

    buc em

    Apr 29, 2009
    "I see the Colts as a 5-6 win team"

    "Let me guess you had them winning the division :lol:"
  18. don ramon

    don ramon

    Jul 18, 2012
    "from a distance"

  19. jumpmanfromdabay

    jumpmanfromdabay Banned

    Jan 26, 2008
    AFC West not as bad as people thought :D
  20. maximus meridius

    maximus meridius

    Jan 3, 2010
    - Giants look like they don't give a **** right now. Embarrassing :smh: :lol:

    - That Steelers game felt like I was watching a funeral

    - Dolphins look a lot better than I thought

    - I can't take the Bears with Cutler serious until they prove something in the playoffs. Can't take the Matt Schaub lead Texans or Romo's Cowboys serious either.

    - Colts look great right now

    - RG3 getting humbled. Athletes should never feed into their own hype

    - I think the 9ers will get right, that team is too good to keep playing like this

    :lol: @ Eli and Ben being overrated. They look terrible right now but calm down.
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