NFL Week 3 In Review...

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  1. S4L


    Jan 31, 2007
    Post your observations from Week 3....

    -If Brandon Weeden gives you 28 points in a game, I'll take it. The defense looked horrible in that second half. Falcons got whatever they wanted.

    -Tyrod cooking out there in Buffalo.

    -Raiders 2-1 and the Ravens & Saints season basically over. Dark times...

    -Steelers should be alright until Ben is back.

    -Cardinals been the best team in the NFC. NT just blinded by Rodgers...

    -Ed Hochuli should be fired. Clear bias. Can't have that...

    -Money Stafford 0-3 and looking more and more horrible by the game.

    -Megatron is no longer Top 5.

    -Philbin should be gone by the time i submit this post.

    -AP back to carrying the Vikings.

    -Fitz threw 58 times. Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    Quotes of the Week
    -Skins currently have the best QB situation in the East. @The Collector
    -Money on the line gimme Stafford over ERRBODY. @SneakerPro [COLOR=#red]last season[/COLOR]
    -My life on the line and I need a comeback gimme Matt Stafford over errrbody. @SneakerPro [COLOR=#red]last season[/COLOR]
    -I've supported Stafford his entire career but it's just time to accept he just doesn't have it. @SneakerPro [COLOR=#red]8 hours ago[/COLOR]
    -The 400 club isn't that impressive when there's a 500 club with real legends. @Ballerific703
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  2. macbk


    May 2, 2012
    Was banking on being apart of the QOTW, but I guess because it was Eagles slander S4L3 gave me a pass :lol: .

    Bad game all around :smh: trap at its finest -

    - No Decker or Ivory hurt us; Ivory said he could have played but I'm still glad he didn't
    - Marshall with one of the stupider plays we'll ever see
    - Fitz is not the type of QB who should throw 50+ times in any game. And he tries to force throws way too much for my liking and comfort level. I do like his arm because he can make those throws, but needs to play smarter to his game. Can't throw 2 picks within the 40 when you are trying to make that comeback
    - Defense looked sluggish early, but they did their thing with a 17-0 shutout in the 2nd half. Can't expect multiple turnovers every game
    - I called it the other day - Sproles would be the top worry, especially with Murray hurt/possibly not playing

    Good thing Miami isn't looking all that great, especially the defense. Failing to live up to that hype so far. Would love to go 3-1 into the BYE. Need to just come out smart and let Fitz become a game manager, not gunslinger. Unless Devin Smith finds himself open deep, heave that ball.
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  3. extraordinary swag

    extraordinary swag

    Sep 18, 2008
    - Sam Bradford is really getting on my nerves, once teams start covering the running backs out of the backfield we are cooked. Dude doesn't even try to throw it deep
    - how bout that depth on defense, 3 starters out 1 player injured during the game and still forced 4 turnovers :smokin
    - thank you New Orleans Saints for giving us Sproles for almost nothing
    - now we see why Chip thought Mathews was worth keeping after signing Demarco

    Everyone Else
    - 25 straight points scored by the Falcons, Devonta Freeman having the game of his life, Julio flat out TOASTING the entire division :x :x :x
    - that Bengals/Ravens game was SO fun to watch. AJ Green should be one of the most hated players for Ravens fans, he kills them every season
    - that Steve Smith Vine calling out the Bengals secondary :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    - regular season Patriots games are pointless to watch
    - told yall about the Cardinals last week and I will reiterate, best in the NFC
    - Andre Johnson is finished, coulda stayed in Houston for this ****
    - as much as Sam Bradford sucks, Nick Foles is even worse. Your defense holds the Steelers to 12 points and you still can't get a touchdown
    - Cam Newton just wins man
    - Broncos are one clutch team, they make game changing plays at the most crucial times
  4. ny mavurs

    ny mavurs

    Nov 27, 2007
    -Jets need a QB in the worst way

    -Cardinals are a complete and dangerous team

    -Seahawks O-line will be the death of them

    -Lions look below average

    -Julio or Cam Newton for MVP

    -Bills are nice and Dolphins suck with Philbin

    -Nobody in the AFC is seeing New England


    -Ravens are in deep ****

    -Colts still look like hot garbage
  5. stillin729


    Dec 30, 2008

    I'll take my W and focus on Washington
  6. kingkoopa


    Aug 14, 2012


    - Dalton top 5

    - AJ top 3


    - Steve Smith Sr. is nothing to **** with. Nothing but respect for that man.

    - Watt/ Clowney have a combined 3 sacks this season [​IMG]

    - Brady GOAT 

    - Stafford is washed

    - Cowboys defense [​IMG]

    - Are the Bills really this good?
  7. va757va


    May 8, 2005
    -defense will get better as guys return from injury

    -weeden with the check down heavy passes scare no one. And Atlanta adjusted accordingly in the second half.. Gotta culture some passes down field and to wrs to keep them honest.

    -NFC east still looks horrible, so it's time to repair things.

    -Cam Newton doing this with no supporting cast

    -Josh Norman is the next household name at corner... I know the competition hasn't been much (especially at qb), but no matter the case he's shutting his side down.

    -tyrod fn Taylor!! Tyrod Taylor is a man! Bills :pimp:

    -Cincy ...AJ... Regular seasonAndy Dalton :pimp:

    -good for big ben that it's only a month.

    -welcome back all day

    -Denver defense one of the more fun units to watch this season. They're the goods.
  8. fraij da 5 11

    fraij da 5 11

    Jan 4, 2004
    ^ You mean: "Regionally televised Andy Dalton"
  9. kingkoopa


    Aug 14, 2012
  10. extraordinary swag

    extraordinary swag

    Sep 18, 2008
  11. bruhman 5th flo

    bruhman 5th flo

    Sep 6, 2012
    In one of my leagues this guy played Terrance Williams over Steve Smith and Edelman over Keenan Allen.
  12. crazydav0


    Nov 26, 2012
    I was so amped watching AJ green yesterday ... Filthy ... get that man the ball ... 

    Giants , finally getting a win ... that division is up for grabs ... not sure about any of those teams w/ the dallas injuries 

    Larry Fitz ... arizona is where all older players should play ... but in all seriousness ... wow 

    Steve Smith Sr.... just put that man in Canton already 

    It was good to see a vintage AP stiff arm ... still a violent runner ... need more of this 

    Peyton ... nearing the end ... i see the grimace in every throw ... but i see how bad he wants it and that last td was why he's one of the best to ever do it

    bum(s) of the week 

    Kap - thought i was watching a replay until i realized that was his second straight pick 6 ... 
  13. sonoftony


    Apr 4, 2005
    - G-Men finally handling business this past Thursday. If we win the next 4 games, the NFC East is ours. :pimp:
    - Phins need a new coach and a new QB.
    - I'll wait till week 6 to see if the Bills are still for real.
    - Teflon Tom ain't nothin' to **** with. Congrats on 400
    - Smitty still a goon :pimp:
    - Killa Cam :pimp:
    - Cards are taking that division. They are clickin' on all cylinders
    - AP Byke

    - Kaep throwing those picks got me like...
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  14. nickmaz96


    Dec 27, 2012

    - it happened in all 4 preseason game & vs the Browns week 1....the defense has to start games better.

    - i like how we didn't just roll over. we're down 24 quick & put up 17 unanswered to make it a game in the last few mins

    - we're gonna win 0% of the games Fitz throws 50+ times

    - quick RB's will expose our slower LB's every damn time


    - Cam Newton is an elite QB

    - this is the Bengals' year to make a run

    - Gronk had an "off" day :lol:

    - so many crazy stat lines... :x

    - Norv Turner really turned it around after that week 1 debacle

    - is it possible that Jameis & Mariota are both the goods?

    - the Cardinals will be in the Super Bowl if Palmer stays healthy
  15. Hahahaha

    Hahahaha formerly ballerific703

    Dec 15, 2004
    - Yesterday was one of the worst football weeks I've seen in a while. Seemed like every game was a blowout or a horrible game.

    - Jets need a QB badly but should have ran the ball more.

    - Tampa's kicker blew it for them. Jameis looked great.

    - Denver's defense is great, full of playmakers.

    - I think DET and SD need to part ways with their QBs. Time for a change of scenery.

    - Bills are fun to watch. Hope Tyrod keeps up with the play.

    - Blows my mind that Foles was 27-2 that year.
  16. T0INE

    T0INE formerly toine2983

    Dec 22, 2005
    -Cowboys got absolutely debacled in the 2nd half. Falcons shut down Randle and the run game putting pressure on Weeden. Props to them.

    -Julio Jones. [​IMG]  [​IMG]

    -Devonta Freeman. [​IMG]  

    -Brady and the Pats looking unstoppable right now.

    -Kaepernick. [​IMG]  [​IMG]
  17. 651akathepaul


    Feb 13, 2005
    - Ya'll can stop with _________ being the best RB in football. AP is back and he's still the best.

    - Panthers are 3-0 huh?...Don't even really have an opinion because they are one of the teams where I haven't watched but a snap or two so far this season. Just kinda impressive. Still think Falcons are the clear favorites in that division though.

    - Seahawks aren't a Championship caliber team. I already can't even stand the dummies at work that are gonna be talking about how the Seahawks are back. :rolleyes shuutttupppp...Their offense is weak and it's been evident since preseason. No one wanted to listen cause it's "presesason," but they didn't look sharp and crisp as Championship teams usually do....And yesterday? The Bears ******* suck. :lol:

    - Lucky *** Pagano. Gets to stick around another week, I guess.

    - Dolphins are in trouble. All that talent, but it's clear something's amiss and it sounds/appears like it's because Philbin doesn't have the players respect and he's lost the locker room.

    - St. Louis is doing it again
  18. proshares


    Oct 12, 2007
    Cam running again is huge for the offense. It's literally him and Olsen. That's it. Stewart can't get it going and Tolbert was on when they were in the RZ again.

    Josh Norman is too damn good in the secondary.
  19. maximus meridius

    maximus meridius

    Jan 3, 2010
    - Julio, AJ, Fitz :pimp:

    - Damn Kaep. At one point he had 10 passes and 4 of 'em were INT's :x

    - Still ain't buying the Bengals :lol:

    - Raiders have looked nice the past 2 games. Cooper and Carr. :pimp:

    - Big blow to the Steelers losing Ben
  20. Chester McFloppy

    Chester McFloppy

    Nov 18, 2004
    -Cam proving he's worth every penny
    -Kaep proving he's not
    -Carr, MM8, and Jameis all looked good yet again. Marcus had one rookie throw that was picked off but outside of that, he looks comfortable as hell out there. Carr has been the most impressive rookie/2nd year QB this year.
    -Julio + Green :x
    -Smitty is timeless.
    -Fitz is, too.
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