NFL WIR - Week 1 (The Winston Clown Show)

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Alright fellas, here is your recap of week one

Winston :rofl: - scores more TDS for the 49ers than Jimmy G did. Also threw more picks to the 49ers than they had all of last year. THIS WAS THE YEAR WINSTON TURNS IT AROUND. In year 5. In the NFL. Playing for the Bucs

Jimmy G:rofl:

Josh Allen:rofl:

Baker Mayfield:rofl:

Sam Darnold:rofl:

Mitch Trubisky:rofl:



@LowLifeMac, the falcons still ****ing suck

Tom Brady still has incestual relations with his kids

Tyreek got beat by karma

Dolphins. Holy ****. Glad they have 100M in cap space next year that will go to absolutely nothing. Nobody is choosing to play for that trash *** squad unless they get overpaid as hell.

Time to start Jones Giants fans

Malcolm Brown? We talking about Malcom ****ing Brown?

If Matt Patricia were so ****ing smart he wouldn’t have to use a pencil

Wrong chargers running back is holding out

Eagles secondary is still going to get pegged all year

Vikings finally found their recipe for success and that is treating cousins like he has a disability

Browns really made Mariota look like the QB Jameis Winston was supposed to be this year

Please pay Dak his $40M already

Quotes. I forgot the ****ing quotes






The Bucs should be airing it out just as much if not more than last year and Jameis is in a contract year. Just because Jameis has made some dumb decisions with the ball in the past doesn’t mean he can’t make every throw on the field and lead an extremely good pass offense just like he did last year.
Jameis can’t make every throw on the field.
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We saw a lot of ****ty QB play, A LOT. These teams need to practice or play in the preseason.

Giants and Dolphins battling for historic defenses, they're both winning

Ben should retire

Browns got waxed, that **** is scary. That coach might turn out to be garbage.

Benagls looked aight, I'm shocked

Vikings looked real good on both sides of the ball

Falcons look like that window closed, might be over for them.

Jets game ended once CJ Mosley went out, he was a monster yesterday. Not sure why Bell didn't get more touches, Gase trying to prove something?
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- Jameis Winston STINKS
- Teams need to take preseason games more seriously in terms of getting the 1’s on the field. Lot of slow starts
- Pats gonna Pat :pimp:
- Tom Brady went for 300+ and 3 TDs despite having to field pop flies from his center out of the gun
- Jameis Winston STINKS
- Lamar ****ing Jackson cooked those dildo nosed mammals
- Nagy really made Mitch throw the ball 45 times in a game that ended 10-3
- Jared Goff? More like Jared Off
- CMC is a beast
- Dak cooked New Jersey A
- Bills blue balled New Jersey B
- James Winston STINKS
- It’s like the Chiefs have a bunch of athletic and fast versions of Jason Witten out there…dudes always wide open AF
- Not a bad debut from my guy Gardner Minshew
- A healthy Dalvin Cook is cool
- Jameis Winston STINKS
- Lions and Cards tying is fitting
- God took away junglejim junglejim 's legs but left him with one helluva wit...bravo :lol:
- Hahahaha Hahahaha just a skinny jeans and Timb wearing version of Jason Whitlock
- Jameis Winston STINKS
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Vedvik cut yet? @nickmaz96 :sick:

Bell looked great. CJ Mosley will be our defensive savior; really hope his groin injury isn't a lingering issue.
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No team should ever play their starters in the preseason again.

The Bucs only lost by two scores in their new coach’s first game against the 1995 Super bow champions and they even had a chance to tie it late in the game. I wouldn’t worry about them.
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No team should ever play their starters in the preseason again.

The Bucs only lost by two scores in their new coach’s first game against the 1995 Super bow champions and they even had a chance to tie it late in the game. I wouldn’t worry about them.
Anytime you can throw more touchdowns for the other team than your own you gotta do it
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All those rollin smilies for those QBs :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Steelers looked horrendous and should be ashamed of themselves. Pats you’re with them like kids. At this rate, Brady really may play past 45.
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Clyde Frog

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Matt LaFluer first win of his career against the Bears to continue the tradition.

Vikings looked good. Gonna be another tough and interesting matchup in Lambeau next week.

Big yikes Baker and the Browns. They’ll be better though. Baker needed that. Poorly poorly coached as well. 18+ penalties and too many personal fouls to count. Long before the game was out of reach.

That Indy INT play of the week.

Lions dumb AF

I felt Lamar would figure it out throwing but let’s pump the brakes.

Cobb :smokin tried saying the Cowboys WR corps is nice.

I’m kind of confused how what AB did isn’t worthy of a suspension by the league. I read he’s gonna be screwing the players in the upcoming CBA negotiations. Interesting.
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browns- still *** but now with sass
dolphins- y'all say tank I say trash, tomato tomato
jags- foles really made one amazing throw then ascended to heaven. how old is that minshew cat?
cheifs- sammy out there looking like dwayne bowe in his prime
colts- they might be alright
bucs- jameis stinks
49ers- almost lost to jameis
lions- these dudes really blew a lead and tied, might be worse than a lost.
cardinals- calamari looked shaky out there for the majority of the game, Larry Legend nuff said.
steelers- ***, big ***
patriots- might as well put this year's superbowl patch on their jerseys instead
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