NFL WIR - Week 1 (The Winston Clown Show)

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the whole Jameis "eat a W" was highly disturbing, but also makes it funnier that jameis is apparently 4-12 since doing that.
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-Ravens are going to win the AFC North, the rest of the teams in that division are pitiful
-Colts will be alright, going to be neck to neck with Titans in the AFC South, Vinatieri washed though
-Jameis Winston will be unemployed by the end of this season
-Melvin Gordon isn't getting paid much this season
-JETE going to JETE
-Broken collarbones everywhere
-Congrats to the Patriots for most likely 99.9% winning the Super Bowl soon
-Mahomes should no look pass less
-Dak vs Wentz comparisons going to be lit the entire season
-Browns going 8-8 this season
-Darrell Bevell showing he's an awful coordinator AGAIN with the Lions
-Matty Tapwater looking overrated as usual
-Vikings got a top 3 defense


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Bruce Arians ain't gonna resurrect Jamis :lol:
Dan Quinn should be fired sooner rather than later; Matt Ryan, yuck :lol:
Miami gonna be the first team to go 16-0 & 0-16 ?? :nerd:
Pats look elite out the gate, wouldn't be shocked if they didn't give up a TD until November:nerd: :wow:
Kellen Moore play calling had Cowboys looking like they're gonna be a problem - 30 rush att 32 pass att :pimp:
Colts aren't going to miss Luck
Seattle offense still frustrating as hell to watch :sick:
Nice road win for Rams, but Panthers should've won that game
No way Oakland scores any points tonight
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We looked so ****ing sorry in all 3 phases. Matt got sacked on the first play of the game, then 2 plays later we get a punt blocked :smh: :smh: And we have Philly up next :smh:
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