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Skates are all the same.

FTR, Bauer is no longer a part of Nike, and the Swoosh will be off the skates after next year.

Nike in hockey was good for Canadians, but terrible for the bottom line.

R.I.P. Nike Bauer.
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Got my Bauer X:60's from a Bauer rep at the start of the playoffs and they are
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Why are ice skates so damn boring? Can't they make some PEs with some team colors or is that against hockey man laws?
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X60's are sick...lauched right in time for playoffs and they should perform like beast's.

All I see in the pictures are the X60's, Supreme 95's and Easton S17's.

Dudes gotta get on the new U+'s!

With hockey its kinda weird, you'll have dudes wearin Bauer skates, with Easton sticks and a Reebok helmet. There are few guys that go head-to-toe with aparticular brand.

Dude is right about Nike/Bauer. Bauer is no longer allowed to use the Nike Swoosh, so all product coming from Bauer from here on will only have the Bauer nameon it. Purists didn't take well to the Swoosh but they gained some good market share with the younger crowd.
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Thanks to everyone for posting. I didn't think there would be such a response due to the fact that we're talking about hockey skates. I don't playhockey but I'm a fan of the game and I'm a fan on Nike too so I thought I might just as well make a thread.
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Hockey skates could totally be more interesting, but the players probably don't care enough to ask for PEs. The closest to PEs it seems is colored laces. Iused to know a kid with some lime green mission skates, those were crazy.
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The latest custom skates I saw were Pat Kane's X60's for the Winter Classic......there are more custom sticks than there are skates, that's forsure. IMO guys don't really care too much about it, whereas guys in the NBA want custom colors etc. I know I personally don't care too much to go andcustom my gear, but if I was in the NHL I might
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i use to love my nike stick back in the day its gonna be sad to not see the swoosh on the ice next yr
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the easton skates are hot both the s17s and the se16s in white with the all carbon upper, im still a vapor guy though...
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