Nike, a personal plea...retro the Air Up already!

Joined Apr 17, 2000
It is my opinion that the staple baskeball season shoe should be automatically retroed once 10 years pass.  Every season has that shoe that pros and college kids wear the hell out of...

I need the Air Up.  Not gonna lie, I'm getting up there in age and injuries...I don't have many more basketball games in me.

I need to play in the Air Up.  Had them in college and everyone and their MAMA had these...

Do the white/black/royal swoosh, white/black/red swoosh and the black/Orlando-blue Penny colorways.

They do the LWP Go but not these?  Or the Air Way Up?  C'mon!

End blog post.

Joined Feb 5, 2009
They're giving us the LWP so I think they will give us these soon.
OP you gotta post pics along with the rant though man!
Joined Mar 1, 2005
I had these as our 8th grade team sneaker.
they were the white and black with the blue check.

id cop
Joined Apr 17, 2000
I thought that if they could do the retro of the PE's (Penny, Pippen) that they could get the team font...although I don't mind the Pippen, the Penny irks the !+!$ out of me.
Joined May 15, 2003
didn't like them then, and don't like them now. These would brick hard and it's not like they were popular when they first dropped.
Joined Dec 11, 2007
white/silvers were the best c/w. doubt i'd cop if they retroed. usually, the shoes i passed on back in the day, i'll still pass on today.
Joined Oct 8, 2009
I wanted a pair of these when they first came out, I loved the font used on the tongue. I never did get them though, but if they were to retro, the black/blue would be on my must buy list.
Joined Jun 23, 2008
I've been seriously trying to get nike to bring back the Air up. Everytime I call the special orders line I alway tell them to leave that comment. Retro the Air Up and the Flight one soon.... please nike
Joined Mar 31, 2007
Had the Penny ones in 7th Grade, loved those shoes. Traded them for some black/blue Fila Grant Hill 1s
at me
Joined Apr 20, 2005
I really like these, but I think it's a shoe that has a somewhat smaller cult following than say a barkley, penny, or Air Max Uptempo, and even those haven't been selling out near releases (partly because of too many releases at once, and partly because the air bubbles are small or the colorways are too far off from OG's)

I think it would be great, but I can't keep up with everything right now as it is. I'm surprised we're getting Air Go LWP's, Air Escapes, etc... so I wouldn't expect to see these anytime soon.
Joined Mar 29, 2005
i agree these go hard. brings back middle school hoop memories as well as penny hardaway memories. the white base with black and the blue check is my favorite.
Joined Jun 6, 2009
Would be cool to have the og's just cuz they vintage.

But no thanks to a re-release

Shoes look like bricks, yall just like em cuz they gotta swoosh.

If they had 3 stripes yall would be clownin
Joined Mar 5, 2010
I remeber my best friend in middle school rocking the heck out of these. These were fire back then, but now I just see us older cats rocking them off of memories. I don't know if they would find a new following
Joined Apr 17, 2000
Originally Posted by Darkwing Duck

Would be cool to have the og's just cuz they vintage.

But no thanks to a re-release

Shoes look like bricks, yall just like em cuz they gotta swoosh.

If they had 3 stripes yall would be clownin
Actually, complete opposite.  They were lighter than most shoes out at the time...

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