Nike ACG Boots: A good hiking boot?

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hey guys, 
as i get further into my illustrious undergrad academia career, I find myself venturing out into the field more often. (biology/ecology major) I find myself needing a good pair of boots to trudge through some mud and shallow stream environments. 

my question is this: are ACGs comparable to most other brands of hiking boots that you would find at a store like REI? Or am I better off buying a non-Nike brand...and if so, which brands should I look out for?

What boots do you guys use for outdoor activities such as hiking? 

If you use ACGs, which model sticks out?

any input and experiences would be tremendous 
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I've only had nike trail runners, but from my experience most nikes do not have a waterproof barrier. In my backpacking and hiking experience, the waterproof barrier- not just a coating has been very important. Something with Gore-tex is a good bet. You mentioned REI, that's a good place to start the people working there most often know what they're talking about and there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the lifetime of the product.
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ACG Goadome and the recently rteleased ACG Manoa are exceptional boots. Comfy and stylish. Shoot for some ACG Bakin boots if you have the dough.
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I have never personally used a Nike boot but I can comment on what I have used.

The Ahnu Elkridge Mid is an amazing shoe. Felt like I was walking on clouds. I would classify myself as a peak hunter and have worn these to the top of Mt. Baldy, Jacinto, etc...My hikes are around 12-18 miles, 8-11hr days.

Merrell makes a great boot as well. I know a few guys that use this boot and swear by it.

I would recommend just going into a store and trying on what feels best on your feet but these 2 are great options to start with.
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I go to school in Vermont and go hiking fairly often. I use Nike ACG Air Escapes and love them. They're comfortable and water resistant (I wouldn't go stomping in puddles with them though).
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I work at an Merrell outlet as an assistant manager and I can say with certainty we make some incredible boots most are super comfortable, and have a ton that are waterproof and more with Gore-Tex. 
Any more specifics your looking for? 

I can shoot you a few recommendations maybe set up a send sale for NT'er to another.


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I've used Nike Baltoros and a Merrell water shoe for hiking up the Half Dome Trail. They both work well, though I must say the Merrells are definitely more comfortable.
Can any one vouch for the Nike Ashiko?
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