Nike Air Cross Trainer Low - Nike, We Need These Retroed!

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Other colors of this shoe I remember are wht/burgundy (same color as on TW II) and wht/green. I remember
being in a Footlocker, like it was yesterday, staring at 5-10 colorways all on display at once. 

Anybody that has pics of the wht/burgundy - please post. I haven't seen them in 20 years...that is my favorite colorway
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Love, but I am 100% certain Nike will screw it up.

I had 2 classmates in HS that would rock the crap out of these in the cws back in the 90s since their initials were, you guessed it "TW" lol....

Always being sent down to the office to get reprimanded for not being in uniform shoes (went to a Catholic HS; had to wear a uniform) Girls in kilts !*+!$
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I owned the "high" cut of these. Found a used pair on ebay back in 2005-2006. Got about a dozen wears out of them. I have yet to find another shoe that compares to that pair in comfort. It had the softest sockliner you'd ever felt. Today, a jordan III retro sockliner doesnt compare, nor a AT1 retro. Nor any Air Max retro.. I dont think Nike can get back to that quality. As foolish as this sounds, I would rather have nothing if they can't bring it back right

The mid/high with reverse jordan III lacelocks:

-Considering these came out around 1988, i dont think they were neccersarily the first "cross trainer". They appeared in the same catalog as the AT1, AT1 low, and the TW1.. Too bad I was barely walking back in '88/ those were the years

I love them but considering they are quite BASIC in color blocking, I don't know if these can sell. Meaning Nike would try something drastic like the TW II. 
.  Let these die off peacefully. Don't disturb the graveyard
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Ya, I remember the high cut version & I also remember how this and the air trainer had models w/o air
ie nike trainer, nike cross trainer at a lower price.

To be frank, I don't want those, the high seems like an Air Trainer to me, the low cut - a different shoe in its own.
And I defintely do not want a retro with no air (noticed a TW I retro+ w/o air recently I think)
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hey air max 1 - thanks for the positive input

And -
I do think these are the first "cross trainer." Name an earlier one. Am making a distinction here
between air trainer and air cross trainer. I think Nike put out the first "cross trainer" and this is

I guess these are so obscure that the only way people can relate is to bring up different models other
than the one in the title of the post...


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Oh man.... these would be sweet if they retro'd but I agree with the guy above, I bet nike will screw it up. Use patent leather or some crap on it.
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green rhino123, i understand your distinction now. They definitely appear to be the first "air cross trainer" model. The ones in the later years took on the same look of the SC BO's. Almost like a brother to them..

if im not mistaken

CT II (taking on the look of the signature bo sc II) *there was also a High model :

CT III (taking on the look of the signature bo sc III) *there was also a Low model:

CT IV (taking on the look of the E high/low) *there was also a High model ::

Considering each of them had high and low counterparts, and on top of that generic non air lows and HIGHS, including 3-4 colorways for each of the models, it was just at an OD level back then. But people were buying them up.

Signature top tier
Non visible air middle tier
No air basic foam lowest tier

If they can barely get the signature models right, I dont see them doing the Cross Trainer line anytime soon. I do miss Nike's choice of having different price points on shoes. Some people actually want to train in their shoes, word to the TR1s.
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It's always a pleasure to find a post about cross training.

I do agree that these are the first to wear the name "cross trainer"; even if they weren't exactly the first trainers.

If you feel these were not so popular back in 80s, let me introduce you the ESCAPE version for these. I promise you these were more than limited back in time....
For your pleasure:

I have to disagree with Wally this time. Why couldn't Nike surprise everyone with a retro of these? Nike seems to retro with absolutely no criterion. You can find an example with Nike air ultra forces. These were retroed and the top of series (Air force V) didn't. They took another bizarre way retroing the air Teach Challenge III, then the II and, finally, a hybrid of all of them with the ATC IV... without making a retro of the ATC IV (clearly present on the hybrid model...). As I said one and twice, they don't use the "popularity" quote for choosing... Did anyone started a post asking for a retro of air Digs???

I absolutely don't know if Nike will retro these one of these days (it's obvious that it would be easy for them, since the 95 % of the shoe is basically an air trainer I), but if they do, I just hope they'll make a good job. Nike is (in a quite important %) big thanks to cross training line, so these diserve as much respect as a pair of AF1s or Js.
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I'm telling you, Nike puts random shoe model names into a bucket & they pick the model(s) to retro for the upcoming that season using that highly specialized, advanced method. Sort of like a lottery pick, you could say.

green rhino123: These are NOT obscure, Nike just seems to have overlooked them for now in the "need to retro these soon but in a bad way" pile. Let me thank you for bringing back some sweet HS memories of NOT being able to afford Jordans so I fixated on cross trainers

If you ask a certain demographic of guys on NT from a certain age range like myself we'd be all like "Hell yeah I'd love to see these come back, but PROPERLY executed"

Ideally I'd love to have the full range of Nike cross trainers (at least one pair of each style) before I call it a day collecting for good) so retroes are the way to go

Also, suguruvstotoro, crazy work pulling that model out of the hat; that is indeed rare. If those babies are yours, congrats
LOL I miss the OG Nike boxes... had so much detail on the outside
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I have absolutely no confidence that Nike would do a quality retro of this sneaker for us old heads. Its all about the youth market and as stated already I'd rather just look at old photos of the OGs than have a butchered retro in my hands.
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I never was a fan of that "Nike Cross Trainer" written on the forefoot. It just looks cheesy to me. I prefer the Cross Trainer High and Low in the picture Wally posted. But I can't see Nike retroing either of these because they all look so similar. I mean there is only a small part of the population that can tell these apart.

Also Nike seems unwilling to retro any Trainer properly with basic colorways that appeal to the people that liked these back in the day anyhow. 
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I think I am in that age range...I would LOVE these shoes...if they came out.  Man I remember buying these shoes at the mall.  I would buy a few pairs for sure.
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and this wouldn't be just another retro to pick from
its the first cross trainer, Nike made money off this line for a long time
and this shoe (along w/ at) started it all

i put it up there w/ aj1 and af1 in terms of significance
i have a long time to base my information on
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Nike releases a lot of retros that sit, that's not a good reason. Look how many different colorways of the Uptempo have released?

I remember these, never was really a fan. They're ok, I wouldn't buy them unless they were like $39 though
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