Nike Air flight max....the ones wit the bubbles in the front.

Joined Apr 15, 2004
Not a "strong" retro, but a good one imo.
came out the same time as the XIIs
I remember picking up the blue ones for like 40$ from marshalls. Def a clunky big shoe, laces come undone easy, but i think these would make a good casual shoe,
seinfeld lookin shoe 8)

they got that "wavy" design that alot of nikes had in 96, and they got that jewel swoosh 8)

i just want the pippen cw tho lol


kg wore these too

Joined Aug 1, 2004
More dope flights that if retroed pippen wont see

A dime off of :lol:

My boy had da black pair...durabuck kicks around

That time became rare too..alot of black leather

Kicks in that era...
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:pimp: I was a fan of these.

I always thought that an air bubble in the rear would've really set these off.

I'd definitely grab these if they dropped again.
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These were 

Pippen cw was cool but the contrast color in the middle emphasizing the wave pattern is what set these off
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For some reason I remember these more then I remember the XII's back in the day. Would definitely cop a pair. :smokin
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^^^^^ right.

I guess cuz alotta nba players were wearing em.

And yea, scottie missed soooooo much dinero lol.
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Blacks are holy grail for me.

Joe Smith rocked them his rookie year at GState, and sent me a pair.

Will snag if re-released and done right.
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I completely forgot about these. Mainly because I had the Jordan XII's back in the day. These will be copped, but I'm mainly looking for Nike to release theAir Swift Pippen wore when he dunked on Ewing.
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I can def see the swifts coming back. The dunk on ewing "4peat" pair is a must.
White looks crazy on those too cuz u can really see the design.

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White/black/ concord

They got that 93 toe too.

joe smith rocked em his rookie year and sent me a pair
??? Thats awesome lol
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I bought my dad the black/one pair. Didn't see him wear it once :smh: Don't know where he stashed it.
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I Still Have The Pippen Colorway. I Only Really Remember Seeing People With The Black/White Ones. Those Are Also Some Great Pictures Up There. I Do Remember Garnett Wearing These. Didn't Know Stockton Wore These Because By The Time The Playoffs Started He Was Wearing Agassi's Zoom Court Challenge.
Joined Apr 15, 2004
i dont even remeber seeing the white/reds in the store.

and the white blue either, i scooped them from marshalls.

darvin ham also wore these in the 97 dunk contest after ai hurt his ankle

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