Nike Air Max 24/7 – Air Attack Pack (from

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 Nike Air Max 24/7 – Air Attack Pack

Air Maxes are meant for the ground, but an airstrike of upcoming Nike releases will have you surrendering. We recently previewed the Nike Air Max 95 Air Attack Pack and Nike Air Max 1 Air Attack Pack; next in line is the soon-to-be-unveiled Nike Air Max 24/7 in a set of great colourways. The Air Max 24/7 is a hybrid of three great History of Air models – the 95, 97, and 360 – and should be a big hit in the upcoming season.

Like that of the AM1 Air Attack, five great colourways using a variety of materials will be available for purchase, and it looks like Nike isn’t stopping there. The Nike Air Attack Pack will also include the Air Max 90, Air Maxim 1, and a few other Nike Air Max models. The last time we were hit with an overwhelming assault of Air Max Heat was the Nike Air Max Powerwall of 2005. While the Powerwall Air Max Series was extremely limited, the availability of the Air Attack Pack will include Niketowns, Nike Stores, and a few select retailers. Stick with Sneaker News for more info, and remember, you heard it here first!

Nike Air Max 24/7 – Air Attack Pack – Black/Black/Lilac

Nike Air Max 24/7 – Air Attack Pack – Metallic Silver/Volt

Nike Air Max 24/7 – Air Attack Pack – Black/Metallic Silver

Nike Air Max 24/7 – Air Attack Pack – Black/Sprinter Green

Nike Air Max 24/7 – Air Attack Pack – Black/Lyon Blue

Joined Dec 28, 2004
that grey denim pair is nice. kind of changed my mind cause of that C/w.

that grey/neon needs a better grey...
Joined Sep 18, 2006
Black/metallic silvers are lookin real good. Might snatch 2 pair. Only ones I'll buy outta those pictured.

crazy ebw

Joined Jul 2, 2001
Out of all the damn shoes they have up the ones with Volt on them are the only ones i'm interested in. Why are there SO many damn colors and styles?
Joined Mar 20, 2006
just ordered my blk/metallic silver pair....smh

i told myself i was seriously taking a break from buying anything....
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