Nike Air Max 97 LUX "Camo"

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A sneaker from the Air Max line that has been overlooked by Nike for a while is the Air Max 97. The last version we saw was towards the end of last year,with the LUX Stealth colorway. Six months later, a new LUX version has arrived at Sweden's Caliroots.

The Nike Air Max 97 LUX "Camo" features the smooth and seamless look of the LUX 97's. The colorway is done up in a camo printof greys which results in a unique and premium runner. In addition, the material of choice is the always popular 3M colorway.

Unfortunately, the currency conversion that puts these in the $375 price range is a little hard to stomach.

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edit: OP got his pics fixed, good stuff.

I do like the look of the tucked seams on the lux 97. I'm not sure about the "camo" look, but the shoe itself looks pretty good.
@ the price, though. they'll probably be at outlets for $99 like the last 2lux 97's were.
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Dope shoe...and Id love to cop, but not for $375...I dont even know if Id cop for 1/2 that...these are nice nonetheless...
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they are definitely pretty, but what are they thinking with the retail price?..... hypebeast shoe maybe?
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I remember seeing those in on the europe ndc a while back. Im praying they make there way to the outlets.
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these are nice but somehow they look like these got some PLASTIC WRAP accents lol
even tho its actually 3M
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