Nike Air Max 98 Retro Scheduled? via NB

Joined Nov 5, 2015
Can't wait, just succeed today to cop this one

98 2.jpg

It would be my second pair of 98 along with Mint, hope we will see other iterations of anything Black / Anthracite...


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Damn, I just assumed they sold out. Guess I’ll be waiting for deep discounts then.
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Outside of a couple colors the 98 so disappointing
I'd rather have a bunch of choices than no releases. Choice is good. I just wish I had the cash to cop all of the pairs I want. There are half a dozen that I'd like to add to the collection, but I just haven't been able to justify purchasing (yet), including a couple that just dropped.
Joined Nov 5, 2015
I am agree with king j king j , too many colors on releases make it so hard to find real beaters, and if you want to make them profitable, it is way more easy with classic tones, and each morning you don't have to think too much of an outfit, I now need pairs I can wear with pretty anything, so neutral tones are what I am searching for...
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