Nike Air Max 98 Retro Scheduled? via NB

Joined Nov 5, 2015
Just ordered the Black/Oil Grey/Black, can't wait :D
Was debating with myself to get the Black/Oil Grey/White a few days ago, glad I didn't pull the trigger !
Super happy, it would be my 3rd pair with Mint and Black/Anthracite/Black :smokin
I don't know if it is because I know Sergio Lozano designed the 98, but the more I see them, the more they make me think about the 95...
Joined Aug 22, 2013
I personally go TTS in 98s and need a half size up in 95s due to the narrow toe box.

But I'd wait for a few more opinions.
Joined Jun 21, 2019
Hey guys, quick question, how do AM 98s fit in comparison to AM95s?
For me, air max 97 fits TTS. But i can wear TTS in AM95 and AM98 but they are a little tight. If you can i would go up just a .5 size for the 95 to make sure its not too tight on your foot. Its certainly a narrow shoe compared to others
Joined Aug 23, 2019
image1 (1).jpeg

These came in today from ebay. They look legit to me, does anyone disagree?

Only issue is these were listed as a UK 10.... not US 10. I didn't notice until it was too late. I doubt I can pull off a full size up so they're probably going on Stock X eventually. Oh well...
Joined Aug 23, 2019
any legit/fake thoughts on the above pics? Just want to be sure before I leave positive ebay feeback :lol:

from what I can tell everything seems to check out
Joined Jul 12, 2013
^ those would be amazing if they had a little bit of a different color instead of black on black wrapping all the way around. Needs a little bit of a difference. The all black is overpowering.
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