Nike Air Max Hyperposite, New $225 Foamposite Shoe in 2012

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Nike Air Max Hyperposite:

If you want to throw out an extreme price point at retail on a new silhouette and not create too much of a commotion over it, sneaker consumers have been conditioned to fork over at least two big Benjamin bills for Foamposite based shoes ever since the original Nike Air Foamposite One.

In 2012, we can confirm a new Foam basketball product enters the fray: the Nike Air Max Hyperposite.

The shoe is slated to release in a variety of colorways for Fall 2012 including:

- Bright Crimson/Reflect Silver

- Dynamic Blue/Reflect Silver

- Charcoal/Black-Atomic Green

- Black/Reflect Silver

- Black/Black-Bright Crimson

While there’s no live photos of the shoe to be displayed just yet, we can surmise from the name that this Foamposite model will feature Max Air technology, perhaps in visible window format, and Hyperfuse composite construction which will hopefully help balance out the gratuitous weight of a Foamposite upper shell along with providing some appropriate venting to keep your feet cool during extended runs.

Price of entry on the Air Max Hyperposite, like other Foamposites before it and a growing portion of Nike Basketball’s loaded 2012 lineup (See: LeBron 9 P.S. Elite, Kobe VII Elite, Zoom Hyperdunk Elite) sits at $200. More info to come as it develops…

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I have the feeling these could be a amazing........or an absolute disaster 

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Can't wait to see...

But the word "hyper" in it, I am not expecting beauties.

Possibly a fail like the foam lites..


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Thanks for the info Steez.

I'm intrigued, but also weary at the "hyper" moniker being thrown on it.
I can honestly say that with Nike's new price points, I'm pretty much done.
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At least for 2bills you will get some air in these unlike the no zoom rookies
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was excited until i seen hyperfuse. i dont know how that would that work with foamposite.
these can turn out very bad and for $200 they better not be. prove me wrong nike
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I hope they have learned from the foam lites and skyposites, they both werent bad but not worth the pricepoint.
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Ive seen samples, well atleast the early prototype, they look very meshy, but durable. Its a weird blend between the foam and the hyper material.
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Ive seen samples as well. They have the shape of the the Lebron8 PS with 360 air max and they have 2 versions; One with full foam all around and one with mesh-like material at the top where the laces are and to the middle of the toe area. The colors i saw were
Black/Black-Bright Crimson
a teal blue/pink/black colorway
greyish silver/black/orange colorway.
The shoe was ok and looks nice but when they ask me about them i gave my honest opinion about them and felt the price for and non-sig shoe not associated with a great/well know player would not sell at that $200 pricepoint.
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Eh, maybe this is the model for the Waleposite? Just throwing it out there. And at least the colorways sound promising


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Could definitely see them making this the silhouette for the Waleposite to create hype and make people get GR colorways for those who inevitably miss out on them.

There is no copper/pine/eggplant esque CW so Waleposites fill that roll.

I also see Blake Griffin using these as an unnoficial sig, a la Penny and the F1s


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Originally Posted by Return Of The Mac

[color= rgb(102, 0, 153)]What ever happened to the foam x lunar hybrid? 

I thought that was a PS
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