Nike Air Max Lebron 7 Retro

Which Lebron 7 should be brought back?

  • HWC

    Votes: 74 24.8%
  • Dunkman

    Votes: 49 16.4%
  • Christ the King

    Votes: 52 17.4%
  • All Star

    Votes: 37 12.4%
  • Christmas

    Votes: 7 2.3%
  • Phantom

    Votes: 2 0.7%
  • Heroes Pack

    Votes: 57 19.1%
  • SVSM

    Votes: 20 6.7%

  • Total voters
Joined Dec 27, 2011
If I happen to come into this post & see you talking about that pair, I'll be sure to remind you each time for all the numerous posts you made towards me & continue to do. Take a look at some of your hate below. You are literally throwing shade to me in anything you typed. So, yeah, I want to make sure to give you that same energy.

Other people have been asking as well

Like I said before, and plenty times since, my bad if anything I said offended you personally.

I only said bad until because I don't know you (people on nt have been giving bad Intel for years) and reputable sources have gave info stating that they're coming.

Any butt hurt feelings you have after this is on you pimp.

Truth be told, I don't give a **** what releases or doesn't and I don't give a **** what info you choose to provide or don't provide. I'm a grown *** man, I ain't no teenie bopper. I'm just on here to make the connections with the cool folks and the sneakers. No nt beef for me.

I truly though that apologizing to you would dead the issue you'd let bygones be bygones.

Let the thread be, let's be cool. If not, let's agree to disagree and not continue to derail the thread.
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Joined Aug 6, 2014
7's are about done.
I never bothered to ask about every color dropping, I just know those HWC's ain't happening, because that is one I asked about since I own the original sample.

Do you know what retro is coming next after the 7's
Joined Apr 17, 2005
I hope the 8s will be the next to retro!... OR I hope that they consider the Zoom Powers (the OG LeBron 6)!
Joined Aug 22, 2013
Checking back in here, whats the verdict on these performance wise for hooping?
I don't know about a "verdict" but these things are heavy, stiff, and heel slip for days. And unless you weigh 225+ the cushion isn't much to write home about.

But dey pretty.
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