Nike Air Max Sweep Thru Review Request:

Joined Jul 4, 2006
Anybody play in the new Amare Stoudemire's yet?  Thinking of buying, like some of the colorways but not sure about performance.
Joined Aug 8, 2008
Copped these today, some of my fav ballin shoes of late have been lebron ZS3s and KD2s.

Im hoping these are gonna be similar in terms of performance (AS played a lot in KD2s)

Ill be ballin in them at the weekend & ill report back in the next week or so.
Joined Aug 8, 2008
OK Ive been playing in thesefor a few days now (7-8 hrs of play) I picked up the PE colourway but thegreys are nice to –the nubuck is quite like the blk/silver 5s that came outthis year (quite rigid) at first they felt like a small fit but when i adjustedthe strap they were true to size one thing i noticed early on is that theybreak in quick.

In terms of weight they arequite similar to the KD2s which is surprising considering the max air and doublestrap (nice 3m material) the nubuck could be a factor here. In terms of fit itsquite similar to the KD2s also, although the double strap gives an even morelock down feel. (similar to the TMac 5) This takes a bit of getting used to thoas I found the strap on the little toe fairly tight not Jordan 23 tight - no sharpplastic here but its its quite a wide fit (unlike the 23) so its not much of anissue once the strap is adjusted.

 I felt the forefoot had a slight cushion butthat could be the new shoe feel, I’m not sure on the forefoot tech (anyoneknow?) but it did give a good balance to the max air in the heel - didn’t feellike zoom air. Either way it had good court feel from the forefoot not thatstilt feel in a lot of the max air shoes.

That said the max air inthe heel is noticeable within a few hours of ball, the shoe as a whole is quiteflat and rigid but the materials in the sole as mentioned give a nice consistentfeel and the grip is much better than excepted (I hate herringbone design) thisis not a hybrid Air Force Max!

This was a pleasantsurprise as the grip on the KD2s was one of the best I’ve felt on a shoe inyears and I was worried that this would be the shoes downfall but its not. Interms of arch support its Ok no CF plate or the likes here but it’s quite aflat shoe so I guess you could use Custom Orthoticsif you went up a half size. 

Breathability was abit of a problem on this shoe, I find this a problem on a lot of nubuck shoesbut there is little breathability in these apart from the tongue area and thatis one area where the shoe could be better.   Alsodurability could be a problem on the black nubuck upper but I like the colorwayso Im gonna put up with that.

All in all its a good shoe,I don’t think ill be rocking them casually but for ball they are 8/10. Forprice comfort + fit its got the boxs ticked, the only improvements would be thebreathability, a bit more flexibility (this may improve as I wear them more) and perhaps the width of the strap on the little toe area.  

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