Nike Air Max Tempo Black Red

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they look good. I thought this was an old pic cause I think HOH did the same ones a year or two ago, but I guess this is new. Too bad it's HOH exclusive.
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Originally Posted by Cicero Avenue Dopeman

didnt these drop a while back?
yeah they did, i had to look at da date of da post to make sure i wasn't experiencing deja vu...


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Originally Posted by dtb00201

These are not an HOH exclusive, I saw them in my local footlocker today.
thanks... title edited.
freaking kixandthecity
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These were always average to me and not worth the price.

I like the sole though. The ones coming out during the holidays look like the only ones I'd get on sale.
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Not bad at all. I just got the black/red Uptempo though. Might get these on a discount.
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J- didn't I mention since Nike is droppin royal uptempos as HOH only that theyll prob. drop other colorways as GR? lol
but why this one?
Guess Nike is droppin shoes as GRs just a year or 2 after they were "HOH exclusive"

copped.... for cheap

Olympic colorway?


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Originally Posted by solezprogression

I like. Might cop. Any major retailers carrying these, or websites?
someone said they saw them at footlocker today.
also at HoH already

Joe - yup you were right about Uptempos coming as a GR soon. BoOOooOOoooOOOoooo

Charm - u already know... since these are a GR... copping on the 50. colorway is tough and the shoes are clean.
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